Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Wow it is week 19 and I don't know where the time has gone. Well, I have been bad and not kept you up to date on what is happing with me in any aspect of my life. Last week was another week of a gain of weight. I gained .6 last week so I was very disappointed in myself as I have worked so hard in the past to let this happen. I have been kind of down because of it and became determined not to let it happen this week. The challenge for the last week was we could not drink anything but water (plain no additives) milk, or juice. That was one of the hardest I have done. You just get tired of plain old water. I did find a juice where the points was 0. It is Ocean Spray Diet. They have several flavors and they are not bad for one who doesn't really like juice.
I had to go and weigh in tonight at we are heading out for four days at Lake Tahoe for the work junket. Two days of golf and eating and drinking. Oh joy! I just have to really watch what I am eating and make the right choices. I lost 2 pounds this last week and I don't want to gain any of it back. I want to lose that 10 pounds before we head to Hawaii. With the gain this last two weeks it has put me behind on what I can safely lose before we leave. So, I will keep you posted.

Have a great week and live your Life in Celebration.

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  1. The only diet that ever worked for me was not mixing incompatible foods. Fruit should not be eaten within an hour of other foods because it just ferments on top of the other stuff. Meat goes well with veggies but never with carbs...
    So either carbs and veggies or the other. Snacks of raw veggies or fruit after 4pm because the main carb-burners work in the early afternoons.....and lots of water.

    It works for me when I want to lose weight Dorothy..and I've got a snail's metabolism.