Wednesday, April 29, 2009



 This very small scale is a spirit breaker. How many times have you stood on this very innocent looking and wondered how in the heck did I get to this weight again? It just sits on the floor. Doesn't harm anyone. When you step on it gives you an accurate answer sometimes it groans while it is doing it. Well, I am going really work on getting this stubborn little scale to become my friend. I am going to work on putting less pressure on the poor thing. For most of my life I have been battling the bulge. I am at the time of my life where genetics are taking over and I am losing the battle with my health. My blood sugar is becoming a problem as my A1C is starting to inch up and by exercising is not taking care of it. I have been battling the weight issue for most of my life. I remember being in high school going to the doctor who gave me Speed to help curb my appetite and make me move around more. I went over to my sisters house and stripped all of her wood floors in one day. Talk about speedy. I don't think there has been a diet that I have not tried. There was the Cabbage Soup Diet which I lost some weight on then I went directly into the Atkin's Diet with devastating result. I kind of new that I did not digest a lot of meat very well and the Atkin's Diet is all about protein. I had an attack of Diverticulitis which I did not know I had. I spent a week in the hospital with a contagious decease in my blood. So, needless to say I off that diet. Then I went to Weight Watcher's after I saw a picture of myself and I thought I was beginning to look like a beached whale. I lost 35 pounds. That weight probably stayed off the longest but, as all of us who are battling weight issues know they do seem to come right back on. Luckily not all of the weight found its way back to me. When I noticed that the scale was starting groan every time I stepped on it I thought I would try some other ways of losing weight. There was the French Women Don't Diet  diet. This diet you eat whatever you want but only half and you eat very slowly. It was working somewhat. Then came my husband being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I lost 24 pounds when my husband lost 35 and it was all done with watching what we were eating. It was low fat, no sugar and smaller portions. Well, needless to say that ain't working anymore. The latest and not so greatest was the Six Week Body Makeover. Man can you lose weight fast. The pounds just drop off. You can lose 10 pounds in a week. But, let me tell you something the pounds come right back on if you go off and they come on quick. Now comes the next diet. I went back to Weight Watcher's today. I thought that it is one diet that seems to work and I did not feel I was denied. So, I am going to give it my best shot. I am going to be updating my progress each week and no I will not tell anyone how much I weight. The update will be just how much I have lost or not lost. I am hoping with me sharing my progress will shame me into being good and losing the weight. I need to stop the yo-yo.

Wish me luck and remember to live you Life in Celebration.

Monday, April 27, 2009


I cannot believe how much laundry two people can have. How does just two people have so many dirty clothes? There are at least six loads of wash here and that does not include the dry cleaning I need to drop off. What is interesting is I don't work outside of the home so you would think I would have less laundry but, NO. I am going to have to keep a closer eye on my husband because he has to be the one who is dirtying all of these clothes. He must be trying on different pants and shirts then dropping them in hamper. I would hate to see what the piles would look like if there were four of us. I could not imagine what it would be like if there were ten members in our family. Those families must be doing laundry everyday. Then just think of all of ironing there is. Does the mother get stuck with all of it or is it divided up? If it is yours you iron it? When I think about the piles they must have I am very happy with my six loads.  Plus I do not iron. I send all of my husband's work clothes to the laundry and dry cleaners. The only thing I iron is some of my stuff that was sent to the cleaners but now that I don't work out of the home any more I did feel that I should be at least doing that. Well sunlight is burning and the laundry is not going to get done by itself. We can only wish. 
Remember to live your Life in Celebration even if the day is spent doing laundry.

Friday, April 24, 2009



Here we have three of the birthday girls. The three are (R to L) Jo, Carol, and Mary. The woman to the far left is Janet and her birthday is in January. As you can see they all were really enjoying the food which was potluck.

This is Pam and her birthday will be in September. 

This is Barb and her birthday will be in just about two weeks. Haven't really decide when we will be celebrating her special day.
The fourth birthday girl is Anne with her two children the oldest is Theo and the youngest is Archie.

Here is Jo with her little girl Georgina. What a cutie!

There are ten of us ladies give or take who try to get together at least once a week for coffee or a lunch here or there. We really try to make sure we celebrate each others birthday by going out to lunch someplace special. This year for these four because their birthdays are within a two week period we often celebrate them together and Jo thought it would be fun to have them over to her new home for a potluck. We were bless with a nice day and great food. We got to play with the little ones and see their progress in walking and talking. The kids were great.

It was a great day of Life in Celebration.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today was Earth Day. It is kind of sad when you really think about it that we all have to be reminded of the condition of the planet. Earth Day is where everyone plants trees, have neighborhood clean-ups, and educate some of us about Earth Day. I can honestly say I did not remember that is was Earth Day today and did not change my daily routine. I did not plant a tree, clean out a water way, or pick-up trash along the highway. I am not trying to make this into a joke or anything like that I just think that it is sad that we have to set aside a day where these are some of the things we do to help the well being of the earth. It would be nice if this is something that we did all the time. Why can't people throw their trash in trash cans rather than toss it out of their car in parking lots. How tough is it to make sure your plastic bags don't blow away and get tangled up in a neighbors fence. We have some neighbors who really like to have friends over and party. They all seem to like to park in front of our house and toss out beer cans before they leave for home. We often wake up with a beer can on our front lawn. It is not the neighbor who picks up the cans it is us. 
I think that you have to really change people's mind set before you will really have a chance for any change in how we treat the earth. We need for people to realize that dirty diaper they left on the side of the road is hazardous waste because they didn't want it in their car or were too lazy to walk ten feet to the trash can at the rest area. How do you do that? Change people into being responsible citizens of the earth and it's care taker. If you see trash pick it up don't make it worse.
Everyone is celebrating Earth Day. Went to the grocery store today and they were handing out free seedlings for planting a tree in your yard. Beth, I have a seeding for you to plant in your yard to block that monstrosity your neighbors felt it was so important to build next to your back fence. The seedling is suppose to grow big and tall.  If you want it let me know if you don't then I will find a place to plant it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009



This is Linda with her back to us, Sherry holding the GPS system, and Susan looking on. I am the one taking the photo.

Just some local scenery. 

The girls are down in Mesquite for a couple of day getting ready for the Utah Women's Golf Association's Spring Open Golf Tournament. We are playing the courses so we can decide where we will be placing the tee's for the tournament. We don't want to make the course that the low handicappers  (the big girls) are shooting ridiculously low scores or the high handicappers out on the course till dark just trying to finish the course. So far we have played one of the courses The Palms and today we will be playing the Casa Blanca. The Palms the ladies will be playing a Chapman ( this is were the team of two women will each hit a drive then switch and hit the others ball then decide which ball is best and finish with alternate shots until the ball is in the cup) then at the Casa Blanca they will play a Scramble. This tournament is generally the first tournament of the golf season. This year however we have move the tournament from April to May so we could have a little more dependable weather. Not sure if this is really going work or not. We may have to look at how if all played out this year and adjust so if work better if needed. 
Well I should be going it is about time for me to head over to the golf course. Did I tell you it was going to be around 97 degrees today. The trick is water water water. 

Remember live your Life in Celebration.

Friday, April 17, 2009



You remember my two older sisters. Well I meet up with them today and we had lunch and some shopping. We went to Pei Wei in Bountiful. I had the Shrimp Fried Rice and the sisters had Sweet and Sour Shrimp and Shrimp Lo Mein. Pei Wei is one of our favorites. It was a nice lunch and it was fun shopping. We went to my favorite place to find deals and that was TJ Maxx's. We found us new purses, tea, spices for cooking (planning on using some on the tuna I am going to prepare for dinner) and Norma found a little dress for one of her great grandchildren. It was a great time spent with them. The one thing that was missing today was our little sister Pam. She is the one who needs a lot of help in just being her. Pam is 5 years than I am. She is tall, skinny and beautiful not like the rest of us who is shorter, not thin, and okay looking. I would have added a photo of her but I don't have one that is digital that I can share and that is very sad to me. 
There has always been some tension between Pam and the sisters. I would have to say that tension is mostly between me and Pam. I don't know for sure why or what has caused it. Was it something from our childhood or from when we grew older. It must be from our childhood because as soon as I could get out of my parents home I was gone. I just know our relationship is on shaky ground. At this time in our life we are not speaking. She talked to me when we were preparing for the funeral of my mothers husband and then when we prepared for my mother's. 
We have not spoken since my mother passed in January.  I found out not long ago from my sisters that Pam has cancer of pancreas. I was told they had removed the pancreas and she is getting treatment. I called her as soon as I found out but as usual she did not answer the phone or return my phone call. I am worried about her but I know that she will not reach out to us for support or even a ear to talk to. Today I found out that the week she found out about her cancer she also lost her job. I know that her job was the only health insurance they have. Her husband is self employed and has several issues with his health also and that is why she was still working. It breaks my heart that she will not reach out to us and let come and give her support by just being with her. She didn't even call Nicky (the one sister that she does speak to) until after the surgery and she was home. I just don't know what to do for her because she doesn't let us in to her life. 
Not sure what to do or how to act or feel about this whole thing. I know I want her to get better and be healthy and safe. But, I feel that I should be doing something to make her want us there but from past experiences I do know you never just show up at her house. I hope that she know that no matter what has happened in the past is not so big that we are not family and that we love her and want to be there for her. I am just afraid that something will happen to her and I will not be there for her or with her. 
Pam I just want you to know that we love you and want you to let us be there for you when you need us. 

Monday, April 13, 2009


We decided on updating our yard this year by enlarging the flower beds and adding some curbing. We hired this great little company call Curbman. They came right out on the first sunny day and started their work. The photo below is the machine they use to take out the sod so they can lay the curb. 

Two Man Job

Extending the flower bed behind the house. As you can see they need some work. 

Around the corner and along the south side of the house.

We decided to also but the curbing around the trees. We wanted to get the grass away from the base of the three trees so that the grass will not take so much of the water. Should of taken a photo of the curbing when they got done. They also have this dandy machine that lays the curbing nice and even. Can't touch it for four hours and can't stand on for 24. But, I think I will save that for when all of the work is done. Did I mention work. Well, now the real work begins. The crew that cut the grass and rolled the sod in big rolls and dumped them into our trash cans, which are now so full we can't add our own household trash for the next pickup, laid the curb, cleaned up, took the check and then left. If you look at these photos you will see there is still a lot of grass left behind that needs to be pulled up and out of the areas now enclosed by the curbing. Once the grass is all gone I will be moving the load of topsoil that will be dumped in the middle of my driveway. I will be back filling where I took out all of the sod to make the flower beds look nice and even. Then around the trees I want to dig down a little bit more so the trees will have a bunch of new soil to feed them and help them grow better. The soil is so poor here because our house is sitting on top of Old Lake Bonneville. We don't have inches deep of clay we have yards deep of clay to deal with. I think it will look fantastic when all is said and done. The one slight problem is:
I have until May 5th to get most of this done either all of the sod taken out and if I have that done then I will need to have the topsoil spread out by then. 
Hey if your not doing anything???

I know when this is all done I will say that it was all worth the time and efforts and I will remember by then that it is all about living my Life in Celebration.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


We were kind of early at the arts festival in St. George and the crowds were small. It was nice not to have shove your way into take a look. The following photos are some of the art work I thought were very nice and well worth sharing with you.

This is some pottery and glass work that was very nice.

These are metal sculptures made out of galvanized steel. I want the one this women is looking at. It would look great in the front of our house.

This is one of my favorites.

Here is another piece by the same artist. This are fantastic. I hope the artist made some sales.

We really saw some great pieces of work and well worth the time an effort to go. We only purchased a small item. The item was some glass coasters which would match quite well with the rust wall in the great room.

Remember to live your Life in Celebration.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


The Nomad's

This last week was the first day of play with the women's league I play with. We are called the Nomad's as we travel two times a month to different golf course as part of our league play. Our home course is The Course at Thanksgiving Point. The Course was designed by Johnny Miller and is one course that will eat you up and spit you out if you let it. For women the course is about 5600 yards from the front tees. If The Course does nothing else it will make you play better so when you do play other courses they feel much shorter and easier. Ninety five percent of the women all play local and state tournaments and we are often opponents out for the money. There are a few who play solely with one another put there are many of us who mix and match in partners. We all get along and wish each other well in our play. We often tease each other on our fantastic play and play which is less desirable or to put it mildly, come in last. It is a wonderful mix of women who range from their early  thirties to women who are in their seventies. 
Okay ladies let's have a fun year and kick some golf butt on our team play this year. Let's make the state play offs. 

We all love life and love golf. We all try to live our Life in Celebration.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I'm not a really good church going person. But last Sunday I went with my friend Sherry to the church where she is a member and also shares the responsibility of giving the sermon. The reason I was with her  on Sunday was we were going to play in a golf tournament in St. George on Monday and she was driving. So, part of the deal was she would drive if I came to church with her and then we we head down to St. George. I really had mixed feelings about going as I have not been to church of any kind for a number of years. It isn't because I don't believe in God it just I can't put my believes in a box be it a place of worship or a style of worship. I was baptised Catholic and worshiped there when I felt the need to have a church surrounding me. 
The first thing we went to was bible study and I see why I don't go to bible study. It was kind of interesting and I think that I was kind of the contrary one in the group. I often would have to put my two cents in where it put a new spin on something they believed to be true. I have never been a good bible study person as I would often look at things differently than what was being taught in the class.  Well once class was over all seven of us went up stairs to the chapel for the regular service. I would say there are close to 15 to 20 members in the whole congregation. My friend did a very good job in giving the sermon and it was easy to follow and the message was very clear.  
The people were very nice and they very open and welcoming to me. At the time if I was a church goer then it would not be a bad church to attend. All the members new each other and pretty much everything there is to know about each other. The knew who was missing from church and why. The knew each others ailments and success. They have become a family in their congregation. It was very nice to see and it warmed you heart to see the care they had for each other. After it was all said and done it was not a nice Sunday morning.

This is a photo I took on the golf course we played on Monday. The beauty was breath taking and the vistas went on and on. I may make some of my friends not happy but when I  am at a place like the above picture I think this is more of God's house than the one on the top. The mountains in the background had to have the hand of God in their making. It is often when I am out and about and I see something scenic and I get a rush from it. I think I have seen more scenic views, sunsets, sunrises, flowers, waterfalls, the rising or setting of the moon, or an overview of a valley that gives me a more spiritual feeling than being inside of some building built by man. Like I said earlier I can't fit my religion in the box of any religion. My religion is too big for a box. 

My God bless you in all you do. May you live your life as you wish and remember to live your Life in Celebration

Saturday, April 4, 2009


The beautiful snow capped mountain.

The snow capped mountains surrounding the valley is a promise of water for the summer. The more the better for all concerned here in the high desert. The lakes, streams and aquifers are replenished from the snow melt. Some of the ski resorts are reporting of over 100 inches of snow. There has been enough snow in some recent years that they had ski days on the 4th of July. Not sure is this will be one of them. The resorts in some locations along the Wasatch Front is expecting over 30 inches of new snow by tomorrow morning. The powder hounds are frothing at the mouth itching to get up the canyons to make the first tracks in the powder. Life is good for some. 

The new golf bag and new irons?

Now  we have a different kind of joy. You remember my new golf bag which has be patiently waiting for its new golf clubs which came the other day. They club got their first swing out in the back yard with a few whiffle balls. They feel really nice and cut thru the grass like butter. Can't wait to get out this weekend to swing the clubs. Oh! Wait a minute that's right there is snow outside and I can't go out to even hit a few golf balls out onto the driving range. Dang it! I really think everyone who is not a skier is getting cabin fever. We are looking for sunshine and warmer breezes. The spring flowers have even stopped opening up. The ones that are open are started look like they regret coming up too soon. From what we are seeing from the weather reports it looks like spring will not be here until two days before summer. We will have two days of perfect weather then the blistering heat will set in for the summer. Okay I guess I have whined enough for one day. 

We all need to remember, mostly me today, to live your Life in Celebration.

Thursday, April 2, 2009



If you remember I was going to keep you posted on my progress of me getting through the over 800 songs on my iPod. When I told you about the number I was at 40 something. Well if you can see (you have to look real close) I am at 24. So, let me tell you what happened. One of the very first things you need to do for you iPod to make it the wonderful thing that it was designed for is to CHARGE it. For some reason the battery runs low when you use it and use it and use it without giving it a good charge. I also found out that if you do let the battery run out the shuffle with reshuffle and start over from a new shuffle. I of course did not realize the battery was dead until I got to the mall and was starting my walk. It is interesting how much I missed the music while I walked. The beat of the song does keep you moving. I do seem to have some very upbeat music that has a nice beat to which is easy to walk to at a fairly good pace. But, then there are also some songs that could put you to sleep even while you are upright. 
Well when I got home that day I made sure that I had put the iPod on the charge so I could use it the next day. So, now it is the next day and I have the fully charged iPod clipped to my waist and earplugs resting in that what seems a smaller than the plugs opening.  I looked down and saw that the indicator was at one not the 40 something I thought I was at. Okay that would just have to be. At end of that days walk I was at 18, not the highest number but a respectable one. You have to remember it is on the average of 4 minutes per song. I would say I had walked for about an hour give or take. So, I am about two or three days behind on the list of music. Now comes the nest day. As I was walking toward the entrance I was tying to be really cool and just by a touch of a finger I was going to start my first song. I did not realize that I have the iPod upside down and when I push the while it took me back to the menu and once again I am on number one at the first of a NEW shuffle. At this rate it will take me years just to get thru half of the songs. All I have to say is that the iPod is a God send when I don't mess it up but once you have touched the wheel then the Devil comes into play and you are on your own. 

I forgot to tell you. I really have to make sure that I don't sing along with the iPod as I can't sing a note. In fact I have caught myself mouthing the words and I must be doing that more than a whisper because I have notice people turning around and looking at me. Poor things as I have heard myself sing it is not a good thing.  Hopefully tomorrow I will not try to be fancy or clever or any of the others things I think I can do and all will be well and I could be counting down those songs. 

Take care and remember to live you Life in Celebration. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I think the last pedicure I had was back at the end of January.
If you look close you can see the chip on the toe she is working and the portion of nail that has grown out and is unpainted.
After much filing and trimming the toes are really starting to look like they will live.

The best part was the foot massage and lotion rub.

All Pretty

I really did try for about a year to do my own toes but you must understand how hard it is to file and scrape and paint ones toes while bent over. The blood really does rush to the top of your head. There is nothing so relaxing as to soak your feet in hot water while having someone rub and massage them. Everyone should have at least one pedicure. Go ahead you deserve it. You men can also enjoy a pedicure and no you do not need to have them paint your toes, unless you want them to. There are some lovely colors out there and you can keep them hidden inside of your socks and brought out only for you to enjoy. Seriously, you should have at least one pedicure. 

Call today and make that appointment at your local spa. Then tend to be very clean. Indulge yourself and enjoy the time of utter pampering. Party toes are fun and they make you feel better.

Remember party toes are a reason to enjoy your Life in Celebration.