Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today was Earth Day. It is kind of sad when you really think about it that we all have to be reminded of the condition of the planet. Earth Day is where everyone plants trees, have neighborhood clean-ups, and educate some of us about Earth Day. I can honestly say I did not remember that is was Earth Day today and did not change my daily routine. I did not plant a tree, clean out a water way, or pick-up trash along the highway. I am not trying to make this into a joke or anything like that I just think that it is sad that we have to set aside a day where these are some of the things we do to help the well being of the earth. It would be nice if this is something that we did all the time. Why can't people throw their trash in trash cans rather than toss it out of their car in parking lots. How tough is it to make sure your plastic bags don't blow away and get tangled up in a neighbors fence. We have some neighbors who really like to have friends over and party. They all seem to like to park in front of our house and toss out beer cans before they leave for home. We often wake up with a beer can on our front lawn. It is not the neighbor who picks up the cans it is us. 
I think that you have to really change people's mind set before you will really have a chance for any change in how we treat the earth. We need for people to realize that dirty diaper they left on the side of the road is hazardous waste because they didn't want it in their car or were too lazy to walk ten feet to the trash can at the rest area. How do you do that? Change people into being responsible citizens of the earth and it's care taker. If you see trash pick it up don't make it worse.
Everyone is celebrating Earth Day. Went to the grocery store today and they were handing out free seedlings for planting a tree in your yard. Beth, I have a seeding for you to plant in your yard to block that monstrosity your neighbors felt it was so important to build next to your back fence. The seedling is suppose to grow big and tall.  If you want it let me know if you don't then I will find a place to plant it.

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