Saturday, April 4, 2009


The beautiful snow capped mountain.

The snow capped mountains surrounding the valley is a promise of water for the summer. The more the better for all concerned here in the high desert. The lakes, streams and aquifers are replenished from the snow melt. Some of the ski resorts are reporting of over 100 inches of snow. There has been enough snow in some recent years that they had ski days on the 4th of July. Not sure is this will be one of them. The resorts in some locations along the Wasatch Front is expecting over 30 inches of new snow by tomorrow morning. The powder hounds are frothing at the mouth itching to get up the canyons to make the first tracks in the powder. Life is good for some. 

The new golf bag and new irons?

Now  we have a different kind of joy. You remember my new golf bag which has be patiently waiting for its new golf clubs which came the other day. They club got their first swing out in the back yard with a few whiffle balls. They feel really nice and cut thru the grass like butter. Can't wait to get out this weekend to swing the clubs. Oh! Wait a minute that's right there is snow outside and I can't go out to even hit a few golf balls out onto the driving range. Dang it! I really think everyone who is not a skier is getting cabin fever. We are looking for sunshine and warmer breezes. The spring flowers have even stopped opening up. The ones that are open are started look like they regret coming up too soon. From what we are seeing from the weather reports it looks like spring will not be here until two days before summer. We will have two days of perfect weather then the blistering heat will set in for the summer. Okay I guess I have whined enough for one day. 

We all need to remember, mostly me today, to live your Life in Celebration.

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