Friday, April 24, 2009



Here we have three of the birthday girls. The three are (R to L) Jo, Carol, and Mary. The woman to the far left is Janet and her birthday is in January. As you can see they all were really enjoying the food which was potluck.

This is Pam and her birthday will be in September. 

This is Barb and her birthday will be in just about two weeks. Haven't really decide when we will be celebrating her special day.
The fourth birthday girl is Anne with her two children the oldest is Theo and the youngest is Archie.

Here is Jo with her little girl Georgina. What a cutie!

There are ten of us ladies give or take who try to get together at least once a week for coffee or a lunch here or there. We really try to make sure we celebrate each others birthday by going out to lunch someplace special. This year for these four because their birthdays are within a two week period we often celebrate them together and Jo thought it would be fun to have them over to her new home for a potluck. We were bless with a nice day and great food. We got to play with the little ones and see their progress in walking and talking. The kids were great.

It was a great day of Life in Celebration.

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