Monday, April 13, 2009


We decided on updating our yard this year by enlarging the flower beds and adding some curbing. We hired this great little company call Curbman. They came right out on the first sunny day and started their work. The photo below is the machine they use to take out the sod so they can lay the curb. 

Two Man Job

Extending the flower bed behind the house. As you can see they need some work. 

Around the corner and along the south side of the house.

We decided to also but the curbing around the trees. We wanted to get the grass away from the base of the three trees so that the grass will not take so much of the water. Should of taken a photo of the curbing when they got done. They also have this dandy machine that lays the curbing nice and even. Can't touch it for four hours and can't stand on for 24. But, I think I will save that for when all of the work is done. Did I mention work. Well, now the real work begins. The crew that cut the grass and rolled the sod in big rolls and dumped them into our trash cans, which are now so full we can't add our own household trash for the next pickup, laid the curb, cleaned up, took the check and then left. If you look at these photos you will see there is still a lot of grass left behind that needs to be pulled up and out of the areas now enclosed by the curbing. Once the grass is all gone I will be moving the load of topsoil that will be dumped in the middle of my driveway. I will be back filling where I took out all of the sod to make the flower beds look nice and even. Then around the trees I want to dig down a little bit more so the trees will have a bunch of new soil to feed them and help them grow better. The soil is so poor here because our house is sitting on top of Old Lake Bonneville. We don't have inches deep of clay we have yards deep of clay to deal with. I think it will look fantastic when all is said and done. The one slight problem is:
I have until May 5th to get most of this done either all of the sod taken out and if I have that done then I will need to have the topsoil spread out by then. 
Hey if your not doing anything???

I know when this is all done I will say that it was all worth the time and efforts and I will remember by then that it is all about living my Life in Celebration.

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  1. I would help you in a heartbeat, if I lived next door (like Mesquite). I love yard stuff. Matter of fact, David and I fixed a broken irrigation pipe at our neighbors (who bought David's dad's home) today. I then fixed to sprinklers and raked up their front and side yard to make it all pretty. It desperately needs water, so hopefully the fix(es) hold and they will get the irrigation turned on this weekend. I watered the old way today....hose and sprinkler, but I loved being outside.