Thursday, April 9, 2009


The Nomad's

This last week was the first day of play with the women's league I play with. We are called the Nomad's as we travel two times a month to different golf course as part of our league play. Our home course is The Course at Thanksgiving Point. The Course was designed by Johnny Miller and is one course that will eat you up and spit you out if you let it. For women the course is about 5600 yards from the front tees. If The Course does nothing else it will make you play better so when you do play other courses they feel much shorter and easier. Ninety five percent of the women all play local and state tournaments and we are often opponents out for the money. There are a few who play solely with one another put there are many of us who mix and match in partners. We all get along and wish each other well in our play. We often tease each other on our fantastic play and play which is less desirable or to put it mildly, come in last. It is a wonderful mix of women who range from their early  thirties to women who are in their seventies. 
Okay ladies let's have a fun year and kick some golf butt on our team play this year. Let's make the state play offs. 

We all love life and love golf. We all try to live our Life in Celebration.


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