Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I think the last pedicure I had was back at the end of January.
If you look close you can see the chip on the toe she is working and the portion of nail that has grown out and is unpainted.
After much filing and trimming the toes are really starting to look like they will live.

The best part was the foot massage and lotion rub.

All Pretty

I really did try for about a year to do my own toes but you must understand how hard it is to file and scrape and paint ones toes while bent over. The blood really does rush to the top of your head. There is nothing so relaxing as to soak your feet in hot water while having someone rub and massage them. Everyone should have at least one pedicure. Go ahead you deserve it. You men can also enjoy a pedicure and no you do not need to have them paint your toes, unless you want them to. There are some lovely colors out there and you can keep them hidden inside of your socks and brought out only for you to enjoy. Seriously, you should have at least one pedicure. 

Call today and make that appointment at your local spa. Then tend to be very clean. Indulge yourself and enjoy the time of utter pampering. Party toes are fun and they make you feel better.

Remember party toes are a reason to enjoy your Life in Celebration.

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