Tuesday, April 21, 2009



This is Linda with her back to us, Sherry holding the GPS system, and Susan looking on. I am the one taking the photo.

Just some local scenery. 

The girls are down in Mesquite for a couple of day getting ready for the Utah Women's Golf Association's Spring Open Golf Tournament. We are playing the courses so we can decide where we will be placing the tee's for the tournament. We don't want to make the course that the low handicappers  (the big girls) are shooting ridiculously low scores or the high handicappers out on the course till dark just trying to finish the course. So far we have played one of the courses The Palms and today we will be playing the Casa Blanca. The Palms the ladies will be playing a Chapman ( this is were the team of two women will each hit a drive then switch and hit the others ball then decide which ball is best and finish with alternate shots until the ball is in the cup) then at the Casa Blanca they will play a Scramble. This tournament is generally the first tournament of the golf season. This year however we have move the tournament from April to May so we could have a little more dependable weather. Not sure if this is really going work or not. We may have to look at how if all played out this year and adjust so if work better if needed. 
Well I should be going it is about time for me to head over to the golf course. Did I tell you it was going to be around 97 degrees today. The trick is water water water. 

Remember live your Life in Celebration.

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