Friday, May 29, 2009


Evidence of work has been done.

Work still to do. Notice the grass around the trees.

After digging up the sod on the patio I thought, why dig it up then pile it up then move it again. So, my great idea was to just break it up then load it right to a utility trail. Problem, no utility trailer.

I have done a lot of digging up. Almost got it all done as you can tell by the dead grass.

The front was done first but as you maybe able to see we are a little low on the topsoil for the planter.

I have spent a great deal of time contemplating all the work that has still to be done. Then I realized I did not want to do it. I was being really out of touch with what I am capable of doing at my age. When I was 20 years younger this would not be all that much. But, now with me going on 57 years of spunk I think I got myself in over my head. Where are those guys from HGTV when you need them. I would think I qualify for them to come to my rescue. I would hope they would put in a new patio with pavers and more plants along the fence line to give us more privacy along with a nice little fire pit and a water feature. Well it must have been all of the contemplating of the work yet to be done that I thought that it would happen.
My dear and sweet loving husband gave me the go ahead to call in a landscaper to finish the work and to make it right before the next decade is over. That would be 2020 if you were wondering. The first of next week will bring them on. I have two companies coming on Monday to give bids with another one on Tuesday. I just hope I will not have to hock the casa to pay for it. My husband and I realized after the curbing was in the amount of work needed to do to get it to the point we wanted to be WAS MORE WORK THAN EITHER ONE OF US WANTED TO DO. I know it will look fantastic and all of the new plants will add a great deal to the look of our house but, WHAT WERE WE THINKING. All of my friends who are reading this if you ever, ever, ever... hear me talk about doing any type of changes to my yard "SLAP ME SILLY".   

Life in Celebration is when that first landscaper drives up to the house.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Here we are at week four and for me the most any fad diet lasts and sometimes less. But, I have stuck with this one by making every effort to stay with it. I have gone to the weigh ins and counted my points and watch what I have eaten but, this last week has been really tough. It has been one BBQ after another and then eating on those golf courses doesn't help the plan at all. So, when I went in for the bitter truth I was all set to see a gain in the old numbers and a deeper groan from the my friend and enemy the scale. I really prepared myself for the truth and gave my self a pep talk about getting back on track and really working out hard this week to bring my numbers back down so I don't lose too much ground. The shoes are off, the purse is on the floor, the sunglasses on the counter along with the keys and now I am ready.  I say 'I didn't do really well this last week and I am probably up some'. She said, ' no you are down .8 pounds'! Yeppy Skippy!!!! Don't feel so bad now. 

This is truly a time for Life in Celebration. 

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Liberty Park 
Liberty Park Pond

Young tennis player.

First place I ever saw a Bald Eagle.

I remember riding these horses even up to my late teens.

Young girl and her father flying.

The hungry geese.

Not too sure about what he is doing.

Coming of age.

Arbors with benches.

Remember, just carry a big stick.

Is Prince Valiant here?

She loved her new top.

Just a little shy.

Making a living.

This mall use to be a thru street. It was a great place to drive up and down checking out the people. The city has made many changes to the park and it has become a better park. I am seeing the love people have for it by the use and enjoyment of the park. It has many dimensions and offers many things to do for all walks of life. 

Yesterday I went to Liberty park to walk the mall is a great place to go when the weather is bad. But, when the weather is good I like to go and walk at two different parks here in the city. One of them is Sugarhouse Park the the other is Liberty Park and the one I walked on Saturday. It was a beautiful day and I shared the park with many others enjoying the day. I walked about 45 minutes and I felt I got a good workout. What I also got was a look into what a day at Liberty Park is like. Growing up in the Salt Lake area was like living in a very white and sterile community. There was not a lot of diversity in the city or I didn't see much of it. My walk yesterday was a celebration of life and enjoyment of what a park is all about. After my walk I had gotten my camera from the car and walked around the park taking photo's of people, of families and of groups celebrating the day in the park. A young tennis play makes the shot, Tracy Aviary banner, the rides at the park, a father and daughter enjoying a spin in the air, ducks and geese being feed by a girl and her father, an Asian family going for a ride in a paddle boat on the pond, a family celebrating the coming of age of two young girls, a little girl full of shyness and smiles, grown men and women practicing the art of self defense, men dressed as knights jousting, a man trying to make a sell, and just people enjoying the day with friends and family. It was a glorious day and I was in celebration of life.

I hope your day was filled with Life in Celebration.

Friday, May 22, 2009


You remember the enemy.

Well, when I stepped on the scale on Wednesday it groaned a little less than the last time. As of Wednesday I have lost a total of 8 that's right eight pounds. Now comes the hard part, staying with the program. I really like the fact that I am lighter and my clothes are fitting better if not a little bigger. I know I should be jumping up and down with joy at the loss but I also know this is just the start of a long road ahead of me. It is very easy to slide right back into my old eating habits. The trick really is keeping track of what you eat. I think that I have not eaten that many points for the day but, when it is written down on a piece of paper and your able to look at it you realize that you have eaten FAR more than you thought. You can gobble up 25 points faster than a blink of an eye. One hamburger and order of fries with a regular coke you are done for the day. I have to admit writing everything down is one of hardest things. I seriously think I am good at keeping track by adding up the points in my head to stay on track. Fool that I am. So my quest this week is to write everything down and make sure that I stay within my points for the day. This will be a challenge as I have a BBQ on Saturday at the Modesto's then one on Monday with my golfing buddies. I know as well as I am sitting here typing this blog there will not be one thing that will be diet oriented. It will all be fat fat fat. Then of course I will throw in a couple of glasses of wine to hold me over. I think the only thing that is going to help me is my walking and playing golf all of this week or that good ol' scale will be back groaning at me. I am done with my glass of wine (2 points) (okay 3 points) and it is time to post this and get to watching some serious TV.

Remember to live your Life in Celebration.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


If you look closely you can see my counter.

Some of you know I am the treasurer for the Utah State Women's Golf Association. There is not a day that goes by that I don't have something going on that has to do with the USWGA. Looking at the mess on my counter you can see there is a lot going on. We just finished with our Spring Open and not more than one day went by before I started with the entries for the State Best Ball Tournament. We also started a Nine Hole Team League last year and this year they are required to join our organization if they want to compete. Well, this year they had to pay an membership dues and I received all of their dues this last week as this week is their first match. So, all of this whining is all about that I have been very busy and unable to write in my blog. I feel kind of guilty I have fallen down in getting a posting done if not everyday at least a couple time a week. I still have several things I want to share with you and I will get to them in the near future. Just want you to understand that I have not stopped just haven't made the time to get here and share with you what is going on. So many thing so little time.

Tomorrow I will share the weight loss update. So, stay tuned and remember to live your Life in Celebration.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Weight Watchers
A trusted approach to weight loss for more than 40 years.

This is week two of my voyage into the weight loss saga. As of this afternoon I have lost a total of 4.6 pounds. I am quite happy that I did not gain any of the weight I had lost the last time I stepped on the scale. This week has been kind of a tough week keeping with the program. As you remember I had a house full of women golfers and they do not need to count points like I do. It was a little bit of a challenge making sure I stayed with the program as golf courses are not known for fat-free fare. I wonder if being away from home, not able to attend my regular meeting, and not able to weigh in the mornings as I do at home makes a difference? It should be interesting to see what next week will bring and the changes in weight at my next weigh in. It will be nice to get back to my regular schedule and follow the plan a little closer than I did this week. That means only one glass of wine a week not one glass of wine a day.

Tomorrow starts my return to walking every day I don't golf. I think the walking has really helped me stay on track as I don't want it to all be a waste of time. I really like walking in the morning but tomorrow I do need to get out of bed early and get started before it heats up. As many of you know it is not fun trying to power walk when the mercury is rising. By the end of the summer I would like to have lost around 20 pounds from walking and following the plan. So, you readers will have to help me keep it up. Your comments and encouragements will help me succeed. Let me know your struggles and successes as I maybe be able to use your experiences to help me.

I am sitting here in front of the TV entering this blog while watching the news and what do they show as a commercial...FANTASTIC looking food. Help!!! I guess it time to go to bed.

Remember to live your Life in Celebration.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MISS Saigon

Below is the lyrics from one of the songs sung in Miss Saigon. The music was beautiful and well preformed. I wanted to add a copy of the billboard of the play and this song but was unable to find one that would copy. This is one of the many issues I want to work on in blogger.

Miss Saigon- I Still Believe
The Fantastic Lea Salonga and Claire Moore.

Last night I watched him sleeping
My body pressed to him
And then he started speaking
The name I heard him speak...was Kim
Yes I know that this was years ago
But when moonlight fills my room I know
You are here...still

I still
I still believe
You will return
I know you will
My heart
Against all odds
Holds still

Yes, still
I still believe
I know as long as I can keep believing
I'll live
I'll live
Love cannot die
You will will return
And I alone know why

Last night I watched you sleeping
Once more the nightmare came
I heard you cry out something
A word that sounded like...a name
And it hurts me more than I can bear
Knowing part of you I'll never share
Never know

But still
I still believe
The time will come
When nothing keeps us apart
My heart, forev... more


Went to see Miss Saigon with my friend Pam last Wednesday. It was kind of spur-of-the-moment kind of thing. I wanted to see the play because I heard so much about it and the first person who come to mind was Pam. I knew she would be interested so I gave her a call and I ordered our tickets. We planned on dinner before the show at Market Street. We planned on 5pm so we would have plenty of time to enjoy the meal and a glass of wine or two. If you know our Pam the first phone call came to say she will not be there until 5:30 so I adjusted the arrival time to be there at 5:30. I am sitting at our table sipping wine for 15 minutes before Pam call to say she is lost. She at Sunnyside and Foothill about two miles away from where we were to meet. Pam arrives at our table by 6pm and the show starts at 7:30. While waiting the waitress keep reminding me that the place was filling up with theatre goers and will be busy and our meal could be slow in coming. Well, luckily Pam did show up in time for us to get our meal and to arrive at the theatre before the curtain went up. Our seating was towards the back of the main floor with a good view of the stage. We are seated in our seats and the light go down and music starts it is then I notice the man sitting right in front of me. This person must have sent his double which really is a bobble head figurine. I have never noticed any one person bob his head around as much this man did. Most of the action on stage was on the left side of the stage and this man's head would bob to the right then bob to the left then bob to the right again. It would not be so bad if he left his head to one side for more than three seconds. But, NO!!! He sat high enough in his seat that I could not see over him or really around him. When his head moved left mine moved right. When is head moved left my head moved right. This went on thru the first act. I was so worried about seeing the actors on stage that Mr. Bobble Head took my attention off the play and I would lose tract of what was going on. My dear friend Pam pointed out there was an empty seat on the other side of her which I moved to. The rest of the play was very enjoyable and I didn't hurt my neck trying to see the stage. All of the small but interesting events that happened to us getting to the play added some spice to the night. It was a great evening.

Remember to live your Life in Celebration.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I am down south with a house full of women. We are down here for the USWGA'S Spring Open golf tournament that starts on Monday. We are down here doing two practice rounds and fine tuning the preparation for the tournament. So, to make a longish story short, I will be hard pressed to get anything entered on this blog. I have several thing to share with you. Some of these things are going be events that have happened in the last week but I do want to share them. I will be posting a blog on Tuesday night or at least on Wednesday.

Talk to you soon.

Remember live your Life in Celebration.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Just wanted to give the update on the wight loss this morning. I came in at 3 pounds down from when I started. Yahoooooo. It works. Who would have thunk that by watching what I eat and counting points would help one shed some poundage. I also have to comment that my blood sugar was a little lower today also. Life is good.

Remember to live your Life in Celebration.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Tomorrow is the day I weigh in. I really have tried to follow the plan and drop those pounds. I know it is very important to me to get the weight off. I am still not seeing any change in the sugar level in my blood. I have been watching what I eat and exercising almost every day. I have also been watching my blood pressure which another little gem from the gene pool. At my annual check up they said my blood pressure was normal. When I check it at home it is showing above border line. I will need to start eat that celery again. I have that ringing in my ears which is a symptom of high blood pressure. It really sucks to watch yourself fall apart.  I know they have medication to help with all of these things but I would rather not have to take anything. When I go into my physical therapy on Thursday I will see if I can make an appointment to have my blood pressure rechecked and a new A1C to see where the blood sugar is at. I am going to be like old people and have a big basket on the table full of my daily meds. Darn I am getting old. I want to be in my 80's and still out playing golf, riding my bike, walking the mall with old people, and climb all the stairs I want too. 
I really got onto a tangent didn't I? I will report on what scale 'the enemy' had to tell me in morning and will let you know in my blog tomorrow. Wish me luck.
Remember to live your Life in Celebration.

Monday, May 4, 2009



Here is Mary and me in St. George at  the girls weekend. Which this year will be named the Chihuahua Open for or dear friend Carol. There was tons of fun and lots of drinks to go around.

Here is Mary showing us her skills on the golf course. Mary is new to the sport and seems to really enjoy it. She is trying to not get frustrated and quit as most of her close friends here are all players.

Out to breakfast in St. George before our round of golf. Sitting next to her is our friend Carol. Yes the one we are naming the girls weekend after. You remember the Chihuahua Open. Can't wait for this fall it should be another fun filled event.

What this blog is about today is Mary. The butt. She will be winging her way to Ireland for the summer to stay in their cottage they bought last year. She will have her daughter Jen with her along with her family nearby. I know this is a wonderful time to spend with her family and enjoy the land of her birth. I know for myself and many other of her friends she will be greatly missed. She will not be at the Friday morning coffee with the girls, she will not be leading us up hillsides in the mountains for our hiking, she will not be there to golf with us on Sunday mornings, she will not be there with her quite laughter and she will not be there to talk to in her soft Irish accented voice. 
Mary, we are going to miss you greatly and will anticipate your return. Have a wonderful trip and don't forget us. Make sure you come home we have that Chihuahua Open and we can partner up again. 
One more thing don't forget to write.

Remember to live you Life in Celebration.

Friday, May 1, 2009



(This is a link and will take you to their site.)

Things are going okay. I don't want to step on enemy as of yet because I want to be surprised when I go for the cattle call and the mass weight in. I feel I am doing okay but the lunches with friends almost everyday really makes it hard to stay with it. I am keeping track of the food I am eating and it seems like I am eating more than I would if I was on some other diet. It really is about keeping track of what you are eating. I have forgotten what you could eat on this diet. You can eat anything you want as long as the total points add up to a set number. If you crave a piece of chocolate cake have it but you got to remember that cake maybe 15 points and that could leave you with less than 10 points for the rest of the day. It is all about making better choices. I am really trying to make better choices. Two down and five to go until I weight in. 

Remember to live you Life in Celebration.