Monday, May 4, 2009



Here is Mary and me in St. George at  the girls weekend. Which this year will be named the Chihuahua Open for or dear friend Carol. There was tons of fun and lots of drinks to go around.

Here is Mary showing us her skills on the golf course. Mary is new to the sport and seems to really enjoy it. She is trying to not get frustrated and quit as most of her close friends here are all players.

Out to breakfast in St. George before our round of golf. Sitting next to her is our friend Carol. Yes the one we are naming the girls weekend after. You remember the Chihuahua Open. Can't wait for this fall it should be another fun filled event.

What this blog is about today is Mary. The butt. She will be winging her way to Ireland for the summer to stay in their cottage they bought last year. She will have her daughter Jen with her along with her family nearby. I know this is a wonderful time to spend with her family and enjoy the land of her birth. I know for myself and many other of her friends she will be greatly missed. She will not be at the Friday morning coffee with the girls, she will not be leading us up hillsides in the mountains for our hiking, she will not be there to golf with us on Sunday mornings, she will not be there with her quite laughter and she will not be there to talk to in her soft Irish accented voice. 
Mary, we are going to miss you greatly and will anticipate your return. Have a wonderful trip and don't forget us. Make sure you come home we have that Chihuahua Open and we can partner up again. 
One more thing don't forget to write.

Remember to live you Life in Celebration.

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