Friday, May 29, 2009


Evidence of work has been done.

Work still to do. Notice the grass around the trees.

After digging up the sod on the patio I thought, why dig it up then pile it up then move it again. So, my great idea was to just break it up then load it right to a utility trail. Problem, no utility trailer.

I have done a lot of digging up. Almost got it all done as you can tell by the dead grass.

The front was done first but as you maybe able to see we are a little low on the topsoil for the planter.

I have spent a great deal of time contemplating all the work that has still to be done. Then I realized I did not want to do it. I was being really out of touch with what I am capable of doing at my age. When I was 20 years younger this would not be all that much. But, now with me going on 57 years of spunk I think I got myself in over my head. Where are those guys from HGTV when you need them. I would think I qualify for them to come to my rescue. I would hope they would put in a new patio with pavers and more plants along the fence line to give us more privacy along with a nice little fire pit and a water feature. Well it must have been all of the contemplating of the work yet to be done that I thought that it would happen.
My dear and sweet loving husband gave me the go ahead to call in a landscaper to finish the work and to make it right before the next decade is over. That would be 2020 if you were wondering. The first of next week will bring them on. I have two companies coming on Monday to give bids with another one on Tuesday. I just hope I will not have to hock the casa to pay for it. My husband and I realized after the curbing was in the amount of work needed to do to get it to the point we wanted to be WAS MORE WORK THAN EITHER ONE OF US WANTED TO DO. I know it will look fantastic and all of the new plants will add a great deal to the look of our house but, WHAT WERE WE THINKING. All of my friends who are reading this if you ever, ever, ever... hear me talk about doing any type of changes to my yard "SLAP ME SILLY".   

Life in Celebration is when that first landscaper drives up to the house.

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