Thursday, May 28, 2009


Here we are at week four and for me the most any fad diet lasts and sometimes less. But, I have stuck with this one by making every effort to stay with it. I have gone to the weigh ins and counted my points and watch what I have eaten but, this last week has been really tough. It has been one BBQ after another and then eating on those golf courses doesn't help the plan at all. So, when I went in for the bitter truth I was all set to see a gain in the old numbers and a deeper groan from the my friend and enemy the scale. I really prepared myself for the truth and gave my self a pep talk about getting back on track and really working out hard this week to bring my numbers back down so I don't lose too much ground. The shoes are off, the purse is on the floor, the sunglasses on the counter along with the keys and now I am ready.  I say 'I didn't do really well this last week and I am probably up some'. She said, ' no you are down .8 pounds'! Yeppy Skippy!!!! Don't feel so bad now. 

This is truly a time for Life in Celebration. 

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