Friday, May 22, 2009


You remember the enemy.

Well, when I stepped on the scale on Wednesday it groaned a little less than the last time. As of Wednesday I have lost a total of 8 that's right eight pounds. Now comes the hard part, staying with the program. I really like the fact that I am lighter and my clothes are fitting better if not a little bigger. I know I should be jumping up and down with joy at the loss but I also know this is just the start of a long road ahead of me. It is very easy to slide right back into my old eating habits. The trick really is keeping track of what you eat. I think that I have not eaten that many points for the day but, when it is written down on a piece of paper and your able to look at it you realize that you have eaten FAR more than you thought. You can gobble up 25 points faster than a blink of an eye. One hamburger and order of fries with a regular coke you are done for the day. I have to admit writing everything down is one of hardest things. I seriously think I am good at keeping track by adding up the points in my head to stay on track. Fool that I am. So my quest this week is to write everything down and make sure that I stay within my points for the day. This will be a challenge as I have a BBQ on Saturday at the Modesto's then one on Monday with my golfing buddies. I know as well as I am sitting here typing this blog there will not be one thing that will be diet oriented. It will all be fat fat fat. Then of course I will throw in a couple of glasses of wine to hold me over. I think the only thing that is going to help me is my walking and playing golf all of this week or that good ol' scale will be back groaning at me. I am done with my glass of wine (2 points) (okay 3 points) and it is time to post this and get to watching some serious TV.

Remember to live your Life in Celebration.

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