Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MISS Saigon

Below is the lyrics from one of the songs sung in Miss Saigon. The music was beautiful and well preformed. I wanted to add a copy of the billboard of the play and this song but was unable to find one that would copy. This is one of the many issues I want to work on in blogger.

Miss Saigon- I Still Believe
The Fantastic Lea Salonga and Claire Moore.

Last night I watched him sleeping
My body pressed to him
And then he started speaking
The name I heard him speak...was Kim
Yes I know that this was years ago
But when moonlight fills my room I know
You are here...still

I still
I still believe
You will return
I know you will
My heart
Against all odds
Holds still

Yes, still
I still believe
I know as long as I can keep believing
I'll live
I'll live
Love cannot die
You will will return
And I alone know why

Last night I watched you sleeping
Once more the nightmare came
I heard you cry out something
A word that sounded like...a name
And it hurts me more than I can bear
Knowing part of you I'll never share
Never know

But still
I still believe
The time will come
When nothing keeps us apart
My heart, forev... more


Went to see Miss Saigon with my friend Pam last Wednesday. It was kind of spur-of-the-moment kind of thing. I wanted to see the play because I heard so much about it and the first person who come to mind was Pam. I knew she would be interested so I gave her a call and I ordered our tickets. We planned on dinner before the show at Market Street. We planned on 5pm so we would have plenty of time to enjoy the meal and a glass of wine or two. If you know our Pam the first phone call came to say she will not be there until 5:30 so I adjusted the arrival time to be there at 5:30. I am sitting at our table sipping wine for 15 minutes before Pam call to say she is lost. She at Sunnyside and Foothill about two miles away from where we were to meet. Pam arrives at our table by 6pm and the show starts at 7:30. While waiting the waitress keep reminding me that the place was filling up with theatre goers and will be busy and our meal could be slow in coming. Well, luckily Pam did show up in time for us to get our meal and to arrive at the theatre before the curtain went up. Our seating was towards the back of the main floor with a good view of the stage. We are seated in our seats and the light go down and music starts it is then I notice the man sitting right in front of me. This person must have sent his double which really is a bobble head figurine. I have never noticed any one person bob his head around as much this man did. Most of the action on stage was on the left side of the stage and this man's head would bob to the right then bob to the left then bob to the right again. It would not be so bad if he left his head to one side for more than three seconds. But, NO!!! He sat high enough in his seat that I could not see over him or really around him. When his head moved left mine moved right. When is head moved left my head moved right. This went on thru the first act. I was so worried about seeing the actors on stage that Mr. Bobble Head took my attention off the play and I would lose tract of what was going on. My dear friend Pam pointed out there was an empty seat on the other side of her which I moved to. The rest of the play was very enjoyable and I didn't hurt my neck trying to see the stage. All of the small but interesting events that happened to us getting to the play added some spice to the night. It was a great evening.

Remember to live your Life in Celebration.

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