Saturday, May 23, 2009


Liberty Park 
Liberty Park Pond

Young tennis player.

First place I ever saw a Bald Eagle.

I remember riding these horses even up to my late teens.

Young girl and her father flying.

The hungry geese.

Not too sure about what he is doing.

Coming of age.

Arbors with benches.

Remember, just carry a big stick.

Is Prince Valiant here?

She loved her new top.

Just a little shy.

Making a living.

This mall use to be a thru street. It was a great place to drive up and down checking out the people. The city has made many changes to the park and it has become a better park. I am seeing the love people have for it by the use and enjoyment of the park. It has many dimensions and offers many things to do for all walks of life. 

Yesterday I went to Liberty park to walk the mall is a great place to go when the weather is bad. But, when the weather is good I like to go and walk at two different parks here in the city. One of them is Sugarhouse Park the the other is Liberty Park and the one I walked on Saturday. It was a beautiful day and I shared the park with many others enjoying the day. I walked about 45 minutes and I felt I got a good workout. What I also got was a look into what a day at Liberty Park is like. Growing up in the Salt Lake area was like living in a very white and sterile community. There was not a lot of diversity in the city or I didn't see much of it. My walk yesterday was a celebration of life and enjoyment of what a park is all about. After my walk I had gotten my camera from the car and walked around the park taking photo's of people, of families and of groups celebrating the day in the park. A young tennis play makes the shot, Tracy Aviary banner, the rides at the park, a father and daughter enjoying a spin in the air, ducks and geese being feed by a girl and her father, an Asian family going for a ride in a paddle boat on the pond, a family celebrating the coming of age of two young girls, a little girl full of shyness and smiles, grown men and women practicing the art of self defense, men dressed as knights jousting, a man trying to make a sell, and just people enjoying the day with friends and family. It was a glorious day and I was in celebration of life.

I hope your day was filled with Life in Celebration.

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