Friday, May 1, 2009



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Things are going okay. I don't want to step on enemy as of yet because I want to be surprised when I go for the cattle call and the mass weight in. I feel I am doing okay but the lunches with friends almost everyday really makes it hard to stay with it. I am keeping track of the food I am eating and it seems like I am eating more than I would if I was on some other diet. It really is about keeping track of what you are eating. I have forgotten what you could eat on this diet. You can eat anything you want as long as the total points add up to a set number. If you crave a piece of chocolate cake have it but you got to remember that cake maybe 15 points and that could leave you with less than 10 points for the rest of the day. It is all about making better choices. I am really trying to make better choices. Two down and five to go until I weight in. 

Remember to live you Life in Celebration.


  1. Dorothy, I like your blog! The day-in-my-life approach shows so much about you, who you are, what you do. Very nice!

    Around Thanksgiving I went back to WW too. I had great success in 2002-03 when I lost 70 pounds, about 15 pounds short of my goal. Since then about 25 came back. Since last November I have been bouncing around with the same 4 to 6 pound weight loss (and re-gain and loss and re-gain...etc) but I know if I weren't goiong things might be worse--much worse! Maybe we can help each other out and give each other the at-home encouragement we need. Let's do it!


  2. Cheri,

    That would be great. I too struggle with the darn weight thing. I would love to help each other. I know we can do this thing. It is all about how much you eat and keeping it within the points. I do want to make this a life change as I need to change for my life.
    Talk to you soon.