Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Wow it is week 19 and I don't know where the time has gone. Well, I have been bad and not kept you up to date on what is happing with me in any aspect of my life. Last week was another week of a gain of weight. I gained .6 last week so I was very disappointed in myself as I have worked so hard in the past to let this happen. I have been kind of down because of it and became determined not to let it happen this week. The challenge for the last week was we could not drink anything but water (plain no additives) milk, or juice. That was one of the hardest I have done. You just get tired of plain old water. I did find a juice where the points was 0. It is Ocean Spray Diet. They have several flavors and they are not bad for one who doesn't really like juice.
I had to go and weigh in tonight at we are heading out for four days at Lake Tahoe for the work junket. Two days of golf and eating and drinking. Oh joy! I just have to really watch what I am eating and make the right choices. I lost 2 pounds this last week and I don't want to gain any of it back. I want to lose that 10 pounds before we head to Hawaii. With the gain this last two weeks it has put me behind on what I can safely lose before we leave. So, I will keep you posted.

Have a great week and live your Life in Celebration.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


As you can see the poor tree has a health problem. You may remember the yard reworking. While I was putting the weed barrier down I noticed the problem. This little tree in our front yard has had a very rough life. When the builders installed the front yard they brought in this Canada Maple and left it on the ground with it's root ball exposed during the heat of the summer for several days. When they planted it the poor thing never really got a good start. We would give it extra water, fertilizer, bracing stakes, and a lot of attention. Nothing seemed to be working. The tree was in the ground for about ten years with no major change in growth. A friend told us about this miracle hormone for plants. After three years of feeding the trees with this hormone (Super Thrive) the trees have doubled in size. I will have to tell you I did threaten this one tree that if it did not start growing I was going to rip it out of the ground and plant something that will grow. So, to tell the truth I don't know if it was the threat or the plant hormone. My money is on the hormone but, you never know.
So, after many years of tender loving care and a little threatening the tree has started to really take off we find the tree has been invaded by some horrible pest. BORES! I took this picture down to the local nursery and had the specialist look it over and give me the solution to fix it. Had to use a fairly harsh pesticide with a tree paint to rid our little tree of it's pests.
I hope this will work because I know I don't want to replace the tree now it has become apart of the family. It is really gratifying to see that it is growing and doing well after all of the care.
I hope my tree has Life in Celebration.

Saturday, August 29, 2009



Went to the Farmers Market here in Salt Lake this morning with two very good friends (Mary and Carol) and you would think I would have taken my camera. But, NO! What a great opportunity to get some great shots of people, places and things. On the upside I did have a great time and got a few things that I really like. I found some cards with photo's of doors and windows which I love. I am planning on putting them into frames and hanging them over the buffet in the kitchen in Mesquite. I think they will look fantastic as did the friends. We also found some really great veggies and fruit. We bought us a couple of personal things as well. I found this skirt that is reversible and wait to wear it. The hubby and me have a couple of functions this coming weekend I will wear it one way the first party and the other way the next party. Two for the price of one how great is that. I also found a little dress for my goods friends daughter who is turning 2 this next week.
We rode the Trax train down and ended up having to walk four block to get the venue. It was unexpected but it was a wonderful day. The Trax stopped early because of race they were having downtown. On the return we were tired and ready for a little rest it was good that the train was once again running the full route as we were able to catch it a block and a half away.
Fun was had by one and all. Mary and Carol are the best.

Life in Celebration is time spent with truly good friends.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well it is bad news bears I have to say. I gained 1.2 lbs this last week. I have been having a really hard time this last couple of weeks keeping focused on the goal. I have not been journaling as we all know that is the key and I can't seem to get my butt out the door to walk. What to do? What to do? I really want to lose 10 more pounds before we head to Hawaii. Still going to meetings and I am a little renewed in the quest. You remember the challenges this leader likes to have with her classes? Well, we have a new one. This one is setup the same way the other one was, you have to journal everything you eat, you have to eat all of your points and you activity points and the weekly challenges. The new twist is we are divided up into teams and the goal with the team is to have five people from your team to lose 10 pounds. The team that is still standing with five people who have lost the weight wins. Not sure what we win other than we win by losing the 10 pounds. I am in. I also hope this is the kick I need to get back into the groove.
And speaking of journaling I need to go and do that for the day. I don't think I went over but I need to make sure I did not. I might want to have a little treat tonight. Did I tell you I am off soda and treats candy, cookies, cakes and the hardest ice cream sandwiches. I was thinking of having maybe a glass of wine or just a cup of tea. There is a good chance it is going to be the tea.
Well it is good night for me.

Remember to live your Life in Celebration. Wish me luck.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Friends who also play the Park City Playing for Life tournament.

Board members who put this who thing together. Some very hard working women. They did a fantastic job. Fun was had by one and all.
Two more of the hard working ladies.

Every year the Park City Ladies League hosts the Playing for Life golf tournament. They sponsor the tournament for The Susan B. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation. They raised this year from this tournament alone $200,000. It is a tournament that is well received by many of the ladies through out the state. They also draw ladies from out of state to play. Lucky for me and my partner Linda we took 2nd gross. We won $278.00 plus I won the longest drive and received another $50.o0. This money is redeemed in the pro shop at the golf course. I generally get golf balls and trade them in at a local golf shop and then purchase things that my husband would like.
It was a great week spend in Park City the weather was great the tournament was way too much fun. I had the shot of my life. I was 136 yards out behind several very tall trees and I took my 8 iron with nothing to lose I hit the ball up and over the tree and a pond landing on the green about 8 feet from the pin. The shot of my life.

That day was truly Life in Celebration.


This is a photo of the women who leads the Wednesday night meetings for Weight Watchers. I can't spell her name as I have not seen it written with any clarity. So, here is my guess on how it is spelled, Janece. Well anyway, she is a real inspiration to many of us who attend her meeting. She is battling the same thing we all are in the class, staying on track and keep the weight loss going. When I first started going to her meetings we were at the same weight and I found out at the last meeting I am ahead of her in weight loss area. She is about 3 lbs heavier than I am and yes ladies and gentlemen I am down one more pound. I am now 19.8 lbs. lighter than when I started this journey. Last week I had some trouble finding the WW while I was in Park City. I had to go to Heber to look for one and I could never find it. So, the reason you never saw an update on the journey.
This last Wednesday I was all set to see a gain and I was kind of expecting it but low and behold I had lost 1 lb. I am encouraged to keep it up. In class this last week Janece is going to mix it up some and I think we are going to get into teams of five and we are going to have to lose 10 lbs each by a set date. It should be good for me as I want to lose 10 more pounds before we go to Hawaii. So, I hope that this will help me.
I am also going to try and get more posts done as I have really be slack in getting to the posts.

I hope your Life has been in Celebration.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Well the old scale had a rough week. It had to put up with a .4 gain. I kind of expected it with the week I had though it is hard when you are really in the mind set of losing weight. I find it really hard when you don't have a lot of control in the meal. You just hope you don't go over your points for the week. I find I really need to walk everyday when I am not playing golf or the weight does not come off.
I find I am have a harder time with this. I am determined to lose the weight and I will but as I start wearing smaller clothes and people are telling that I am looking good it would be sooooo easy to just stop here. But, I have a goal and I need to reach that goal. It may take me awhile as I am my own worst enemy. Last night it was homemade Mexican food and we all know what that means. Fat Fat Fat

I hope my Life in Celebration is a lighter life next week.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I was down in Provo the middle of last month and I saw these old buildings. I thought the facades were quite interesting and I thought I would share them with you. All of these buildings are in main downtown area and are quite well taken care of. Their previous use was clear on some of the building but others did not have any way of identifying there original use. I just thought they were nice buildings.




Thursday, July 30, 2009


All you fans it was a good week. I lost 1.2 pounds this week with a total of 18.6. Yahooooo! I feel that if I keep up the trend I will have lost 30 pounds before I go to Hawaii. I would like to down that much so I can have a new swim suit and look at new clothes for the trip. Then on to my goal weight. I can honestly say it has not be easy. There is one thing that keeps me going is going to the meetings with Weight Watchers. The women who runs the meeting I go to is fantastic she is back from having a couple of kids and gaining back all of her weight that she had lost before. So, she is going thru all of the things we are going thru. She has her down weeks and she has some weeks where she doesn't lose anything. She has been leading the meetings for several years and is well know in the WW community where people drive across town to attend her meeting. I feel very lucky that she is less than a mile away from my house. I just stumbled into her meeting and have not left. If you are thinking about joining WW you need to find someone just like her. I have gone to other meetings with other leaders and they are realllllly snoooozeville. I also have to say the people reading my blog also keep me honest in my weight loss. I not only have to go stand on the scale each week that reveals sometimes the bitter true about what you have been doing the last week. With me sharing the information on this blog enables me to be honest with myself also. I can't kid myself about what I have been eating or about not exercising. So, thanks for what ever support you have given me in my journey to a slimmer healthier me.

This is Life in Celebration.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009



This is the old highway from Mesquite to St. George. Not much out there and you don't get phone service on your cell phones. Suggestion: Don't break down! It could be a wait for some help to come.

This photo is from not knowing what to talk about today. I really want to keep up the daily entries and I have been kind of busy with stuff that has pushed my blog to the back page. So, I decided to just go through some of my photo's and pick one and tell you about it. This photo is of the road that use to be the old highway people would travel on to get to Las Vegas from St. George before they built the Virgin River Gorge Highway. The gorge is somewhat more scenic as you drive thru a river gorge and shorter for your trip to Las Vegas. But, the back road is still very interesting and more relaxing to take. I really like taking the back road as you don't have to fight for your place on the freeway with other cars and big trucks. I will bring out some other photos of the road in some of the other blogs in days to come. I have found out that there are parts of the old road that is part of the original Old Spanish Trial used to move cattle and supplies from California to New Mexico and back.

Some of you understand the pleasure of taking back roads to your destination. The freeways are a convenience for when you need to get from point A to point B. There are things to look at and some of it is with great interest but the back roads brings to you the history of the area. What it was like when there was no air conditioning in your cars, no cell phones, and you carried water in a tightly woven burlap bag you hung in front of the radiator not only did it keep the water kind of cool but the radiator also. For those who were there and can remember and relate to those times and the old roads in you life take time out of your busy day and enjoy a drive down a back road.

A back road drive is Life in Celebration.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


There was so much of this. We ate and ate this weekend. I feel kind of guilty because as you all know I am doing this Weight Watchers thing and I was really off the program this weekend. If you remember I did not lose any weight this last weigh in and there is a good chance I will not lose again this week and may even put some weight on. Which is a drag but it is something I am expecting. So, I won't be too surprise if I do gain a bit and that is the main part just a bit of weight. Monday it is back to walking in the morning and watching what I eat and journal, journal, and more journaling.

I was able to work in a pedicure while the hubby golfed on Saturday. The toes were like talons and really needed a trimming. It is always good to be pampered a bit.

We golfed on Friday with some friends. It was hot hot hot. This picture is of me pre-diet. Looking at this photo it is a good thing that I have started this diet. Little miss shub. I did get an eagle on a par 5 on the Palmer course at the Oasis. I do have to tell you that I was on in two and putted in. To me it was a very short par 5.

There was a lot of time looking out in the scenery surrounding our house. We had a wonderful time and it was great to spend it with the hubby. It gave us some time to catch up and reconnect after some very busy days these past few weeks.

Remember each day is a day with Life in Celebration.

Friday, July 24, 2009


It was a big fat zero. Didn't lose or gain any weight this week. It is kind of disappointing that I was a big fat zero but it is better than being a plus number. This last week was a little out of control as I had so many things going on it was hard for me to keep with the program. There was really no excuses for my lack of staying to the plan. It was just easier to eat what was available than packing my meals or waiting till I get home to eat. The days were long and when I did get time to eat I was so hungry that I would eat whatever was there rather than plan my meals. I am hoping this next week will be easier than this last one was. I can say so far it hasn't gone quite as I would like for it to go. We are down south and it is our anniversary this Saturday so, we are not really being very good. We have been trying to stay to the plan and it really is not all that bad but I did have pancakes, eggs, and sausages for dinner this evening. Which is not the best thing to be eating. They were wonderful and I will enjoy them again at a later date. When we go out to dinner tomorrow is when I think I will have the hardest time. I will want to have a variety of things for dinner with a possible dessert. I will try to keep this week within the my points for the day in addition with the extra points that I get for the week. Wish me luck.

My Life in Celebration.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


The hubby and I had gone out last weekend to dinner and a movies with a stroll thru the Gateway Center downtown. It was a very pleasant evening. We had such a good time we thought we would try something else. We read about the free Twilight Concert Series downtown at the Gallivan Center. So, we made plans to attend. I picked the hubby after he got off work and when and had a dinner. We went to a pizza/Italianish place not far from the center and had a wonderful dinner. I had the roasted polenta with cheese and a roasted green chili sitting in a red pepper reduction. All I can say about this is it was wonderful. I would go back just for that.

After dinner the hubby had to have the closest parking space available to the center. So, we drove around a bit and found one in front of a coffee shop. The first space we parked in the meter didn't work so we didn't really want to leave until the free parking time started at 6pm. So, we had time to kill so we decided to buy us a blended ice coffee and sit outside on the street waiting for 6. We had about twenty minutes of waiting. While we waited we noticed this old water tower sticking out next the steel and glass building. The hubby really thought it was interesting and I thought I would share it with you too. Soon after I took this photo a space came available where the meter worked so the hubby went and moved the car to the new spot.

It was kind of interesting to sit there on a busy street and watch the rush hour traffic drive by. We don't live near downtown but we both really like the downtown atmosphere. We like the ability to step out and walk around with a variety of restaurants and cultural events.

We walked over to the venue and walked around a little thinking we should have brought our folding chairs. We didn't realize you had to bring your own chair. We were lucky enough to find a bench under a tree to listen to the music. It was not near the stage and we could not see the band at all. But, we had a great view of all the people who came down to watch and listen to the band. We thought the event started at 6ish but what we found out that it does not start until 7:00. The band was good but the real entertainment was the people. It didn't realize the mixture of demographics that live in good old Utah. I have been out of touch. The photo below was the normal group. I would have shown you some others but the battery in the camera had gone dead and I couldn't take any of the more colorful groupies.
We left around 8:30 and wondered some more downtown then went home to prepare for the next day. It was nice to be out and spend time with my hubby rather than just hang out at home. I will try to organize other things for us to do. Date night with the hubby has been really nice and gives us time where we can talk without the TV in the way.

Remember to bring a little Life in Celebration into your life.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Drum roll please. I lost 2.4 pounds this last week for a total of 17.4 pounds. Yaaaaahooooooooo!!! Can you believe it. I got the best compliment yesterday. I went and played team golf yesterday at The Barn and when I got there and stepped out of my car to get by bag out and put on my shoes my partner just kept sitting in the cart looking around and at me. When she finally came over to the car to get me she said, 'I didn't recognize you, you have gotten so skinny'. Now that is what I am talking about! I do see some weight loss but it is the people that you don't see often are the ones who notice the difference. I feel really good about what I have done and let me tell you it has been a battle. It is all about choices. I also am wondering if the extra pound had anything to do with me stop drinking caffeine this last week or if I just worked hard outside and watched what I ate. So far still no tea and I have never been a big soda fan so I never did miss that.

Okay Kim you can do it.

Today is a Life in Celebration.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009




Even though Mesquite is located in a state where its main industry is gambling there is no lottery in the state. There is also not a lottery in the State of Utah. If you know anything about Utah then you understand why there isn't a lottery here. I have a personal opinion of this but will not share it. Let's just say that when I go to Mesquite I stop at the Dam Store and buy me lottery tickets. So far, I am still a non-winner. I have as much a chance of winning as anyone so what do I have to lose but $10.00 for ten draws. I sometimes win two or three dollars but never more than $20.00 on a ticket. There is that big chance that I just might win. Now wouldn't that be grand. I don't want to be greedy. A cool 200 mil would be nice and I would be able to help some people that I want to help and give a good size chunk to charity. I would be able to live a comfortable life for sure. It would help getting my husband to retire a little earlier than he planned.

How many of you have spend hours dreaming what you would do if you won the lottery. For me I think my husband and I have spent some very enjoyable hours dreaming what we would do with a windfall by winning the Powerball. Our dream are not just about us there is a good majority of the dream on who we could help. I do have to be honest there are a few things that we would do for ourselves but I would say most of the dreaming is for others. I don't want to give it all away mind you but, I want to make sure our families are taken care of as well as some causes we feel need to continue we.

Well dreaming is dreaming and the Dam Store where I buy my chance at a dream. The store is a bit of history and point of sale for all of us who are denied the opportunity to buy a dream in our home states.

Dreams are what Life in Celebration are about. So, dream. Did I forget to tell you dreams are tax free.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Notice that the grass is gone around the tree.

This is one of the workers who dug and dug and cleared all of the grass out.

There is not dirt filling in the beds and they are all but ready for some mulch and plants. I have spent this Saturday getting some peat moss mixed in with the dirt. I should get if finished after we get done playing golf on Sunday. I will have the next update when the beds are ready to plant.

Also, I am not doing too bad without caffeine this week. I just miss the tea in the afternoon. But, still not too bad. If I can give up tea I can give up almost anything for 7 days.

Remember there is always a reason to live your Life in Celebration.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Remember I told you about The Diet Challenge the meeting director runs with her meetings. You will be happy to know I passed the first challenge. It was not really all that hard. The challenge was you could not weigh yourself for the week. So, my little buddy got a rest and I do have to tell the truth that I did step on the scale today. The holiday feasting was the hardest. Finding foods that would be just as good but low-cal was a challenge. When I look at my lifestyle I see that dieting is one of the hardest things that I do. Take yesterday for example. I played in a golf tournament and I am just getting done and I get a text message from my husband asking if it was okay to bring home one of the VP's from corporate home for dinner and would I make the glazed salmon dinner. I of course could not say no after all I am playing golf and he is working making it possible for me to play golf. I was really planning on a low-cal dinner with chicken and a veggie with a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich. But, no! There was wine, appetizers, cheese, sugar, and one of fattiest fish in the sea. Well, all I have to say is I get to eat grass for the rest of the week.

I am sure you are waiting for the news if I lost weight or not. Well, the news is I lost 1.4 pounds and to date I have lost 15 pounds. YAHOO!!

This week is going to be a real hardship for me. This weeks challenge is, are you ready, NO CAFFEINE or soda. I am okay with the soda but, no tea or coffee. I cannot say what condition I will be at the end of 7 days. So, if you run in to me and snap off your head please understand that I have not had a cup of tea for a few days and everything I say this week or do is not my fault.

This week will be a reminder that there is Life in Celebration.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009



This is about what went on the whole weekend. Drove down on Thursday afternoon with my friend Beth. The guys decided they needed to get a round of golf in with the office crew so it was decided Beth  and I would go down ahead of time. When I look back on it I am sure it was so that we would get all of the shopping done open up our houses and get everything nice and ready for the men. But, luck would have it the guys got rained out on the golf course and had to leave early. They ended up about 4 hours behind us rather than about 6 hours. They ate on the way down so there was no cooking that night. Yippy!!! Friday, my husband and I got up and went to the Rec. Center and worked out then bobbed around in the pool then played 36 holes of putting on an 18 hole putting green.  That night we had Beth and her husband and Stacy and her husband up for dinner. We did the traditional hamburgers and brats. There was one little switcheroo and that was instead of hamburgers for me I grilled veggies and had a grilled veggie sandwich. It was fantastic and I didn't miss out on the BBQ. Remember, I have to keep within my points this week because of the challenge. So far so good.
On Saturday Beth and her husband and us went and played 18 holes of golf at Falcon Ridge. There was a great offer to play that day and it was 2 rounds of golf with lunch and some golf balls for $70.00. Can't beat that. After golf we all agreed to meet at the pool and that is where the above picture was taken. Then my husband and I went to dinner with some other friends we know in Mesquite which was quite nice. We left before the fireworks started and sat on our patio and watched them with Stacy and her husband. It was a very nice day with all of our friends.
On Sunday we got up and started getting the house cleaned up as we will not be back for about 3 weeks. Went to breakfast with Stacy and her husband. I thought I didn't have a high point breakfast but when I worked out what I had eaten it was 2/3 of all my points for the day. Veggies here I come.
Arrived home safe and sound. It was a busy weekend but a great one.

Remember to live your Life in Celebration.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Here it is week nine and the fun is still going on. I lost 1.2 pounds!!!  My friend Kim is also involved in this fun and she lost 2.8 pounds this week. Let's all give Kim a cheer for her hard work. If any of you have had any experience with a diet plan you know how much work it is at times. The problem with being on a diet is you have to think about it all the time. The work is what did I eat and what am I going to eat today and did I over eat and what effect will it have on this weeks weight. I think a lot of any diet or weight loss program is mental. Keeping focused on the day to day and not really looking at the big picture of the total weight loss you want. I know where I want to be at the end of the program but I can't think about that. I try to keep the focus on losing a pound or two for the week and over time I will reach my goal. It took time to get to the weight I am so it will take time to take the weight off.

Went to the Weight Watchers meeting last night and they had just finished an 8 week challenge. The 8 week challenge is where you must keep an accurate journal making sure you use all of your daily points and activity points without going over them for the week. Then there is a weekly challenge that you have to keep to for 7 days. If you keep to the weekly challenge you get to progress to the next week. If you fail to keep to the challenge you are dropped from the group. This last challenge had 7 out of 35 people complete the 8 weeks of challenges. Last night was the beginning of the next eight week challenge and this weeks challenge is to not weigh at home. Some of you say that would be easy but, I have had kind of made it a habit that when I get up in the morning and the first thing I do is step on the scale. I just have to see if I had lost any weight in the last 24 hours. I had to catch myself this morning from doing just that.
I don't want to be dropped from the group just for stepping on a scale and we all know how much I love my scale. The scale will be glad for the rest. I will keep you posted on what each challenge is and I hope by doing that it will help me to stay in the group.

Have a wonderful 4th of July and remember to live your Life in Celebration.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009



I really have a problem with this sign. What this sign is telling the traveling public is that if you go to this location in Las Vegas and you can (if you are at least 21) for a fee fire a machine gun. It just seems wrong to be advertising the use of them. Are they selling these or are they just giving you a chance to fire on at a range. It is just the whole idea that anyone can go and fire one of these.
I am not totally against owning guns. I know guns in the wrong hands is dangerous and deadly but, to make these available to the general public. It seems from what I have read about the gun laws in Nevada is that you can own a machine gun if you get a permit for it. I just don't see the need for anyone to own one of these. Tell me if I am wrong. For all of you NRA card carrying members remember I am not against people own gun to hunt with or if you are into target shooting as a sport but to own one thinking it is a form of self defense is just not right.

Well, all I can say is just live your Life in Celebration.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Here we are the first day of a two day golfing event with our friend Philip. Wife is in Ireland at their cottage for the summer. Poor Philip is left here to fend for himself and to work. Have to pay for that cottage. It was our weekend to babysit Philip and fun was had by all. It was only 105 yesterday when we got done playing and to day it was 100 before we even got to the 16th tee. We started at 5:34 a.m. so we would beat the heat. We are just finishing getting the house put together and then we are back to Salt Lake till Thursday afternoon. We will be coming back down here for the 4th of July weekend. Sometimes it feel like I am a yo-yo. It has been great here. 
Tuesday brings the landscapers. I can't wait to get the yard done and get some color in the flower beds. I will keep you posted on how that is going. 
Remember to live you Life in Celebration.

Saturday, June 27, 2009



In my opinion the green in the bedroom is too green. I really think it a beautiful color but for a bathroom wall, not so much. Does anyone have a suggestion for a color that will work with the bedroom colors and that will not over power you when you are taking a shower. 
Now for the guest bathroom. I think the lime-ish color would work okay but not the whole room. I would think just an accent wall. With some light tan rugs and towels. I am using white towels here and they are okay but what I am finding out is when one is out golfing and you're covered in sunscreen the residue from the sunscreen and the red dust here really does a job on white. I am also finding out that bleach will not take the staining out. So, my thinking is why not tan towels about the same color as the dust which is about the same as one of the colors in the shower curtain. 
Please comment on any ideas you have for the master bath.
Always remember to live your Life in Celebration.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


What do you think? I think it finishes that area. I did not realize I had not finished it. I really kind of put it off this week because I just did not want to paint any more. I think I have painted enough to last me a lifetime. The thought of having to paint anymore was just torture to me. I know that was not much to paint and yes it was done fairly quickly but still just did not want to get into it. What really amazes me is that I have walked by that corner at least a thousand times and never noticed that I had not painted it. 

I do go on about not painting again but I still have two bathrooms to paint. Just can't seem to get a color in my mind on what would work. In the quest bathroom I have a striped shower curtain and my husband really likes the green that is one of the strips. He also mentioned he wanted the master to be a green also. The problem is they are really bright greens and could be a little too much it the whole room is painted the color. The guest bathroom is kind of small. (You want to have people come and stay but you don't want them to move in.) The master bath is larger but not by much. With painting the master a bright green then what do I do about the closet which next to the bathroom. You walk thru the bathroom to get to the closet. Do I paint it the color of the bedroom or do I continue the color from the bathroom into the closet? What do you think? Please give me idea's on what would work or not.  Tomorrow I will show you pictures of the shower curtain and the color of the master bedroom. Then you may be able to help me with some ideas.

Remember to live your Life in Celebration.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


You can see the line of paint there in the center. 
My husband and I were sitting at the breakfast table and my husband turned to me and asked me what was I going to do with the portion of wall that was not painted. I asked him, 'what wall'? He said ' that part there by the counter'. I looked and sure enough the portion under the counter that wraps around under the bar and connects to the under the counter cupboards was still the color the builder had painted all of the rooms. Dang! Well now it looks like I am back to painting again. I know it is not a big project but for anyone who has done any painting no part of painting is a little job. The good thing is that I made sure I had plenty of paint for touch ups or sections of wall forgotten. I had to ask Stacy what color we had decided to paint that section. It will be the Valley Forge Brown like the rest of the kitchen. It looks like I will be doing a little bit of painting tomorrow. I will take a picture of the kitchen and show you when it is done.

Even when you find you have a job not quite done remember life is still Life in Celebration.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well I was on the negative side of my weight loss program. I lost that ONE pound I had put on last week. I know it is in the negative but I seem a little let down because it was not more of a weight loss. I wanted to be two pounds not just one. I am my own worst critic. I seem to set goals that are somewhat unrealistic. Now that I am in my eighth week I expect myself to be at least with a 16 pounds drop in my weight. I know the slower it comes off the longer it will stay off and that is the objective of this whole process it to take it off and keep it off. I just need to be easier on myself and look at each ounce of weight that is lost is a victory.
While I was in Vegas taking the hubby to the airport I stopped at the mall and bought me some new shorts and those shorts are now a full size smaller than I have worn longer than I can remember. Know, that is progress and I need to see all the small victories for what they are, victories.

We all need to remember what ever victory we gain is Life in Celebration.

Monday, June 22, 2009


More photo's of the flowering plants here in Mesquite.
I am still down here in Mesquite waiting for the workers to come and do some work on our house. So, far the garage door guy was here and adjusted the door so it will not rub against the wall. Still waiting for the painter, stucco guy, and the drywall guy. They are suppose to show up between 8 a.m. and noon. We all know what that means, they will be showing up at 11:59 just in time. 
I have been walking almost everyday. While the husband was here over the weekend we rode our bikes, went to the pool, sat on the patio drinking our coffee in the morning, and just relaxing. I will have to go and take a photo of the hill we rode our bikes up, talk about steep. We are not the mountain trail, tree stump jumping, grave imbedded knee kind of bikers. We are the kind who like a well paved trail or an uncrowded road. It was a little more than what we are use to. 
Went to one of the casinos on Saturday and my husband put in $5 in this one machine next to where I was sitting and within less than 20 minutes he won $159. YAHOO!!!! Well, the winnings did find their way into my pocketbook. So, I was the real winner! 

Tomorrow is the day of truth. I go and weigh in the morning. Wish me luck.

I hope each and everyday for you is a day of Life in Celebration.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Here are a few of the flowering plants I saw while on my walk yesterday. It really is interesting to see how many plants growing in the desert have blossoms. The colors are so vibrant and rich. The blossoms do not stay around for any real length of time but, while they are flowering in full glory they are vibrant. It is amazing what a little water will do in the desert. I just love looking at the different types of plants and the variety of color and size of blossom. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My friends I am so disappointed with myself. I have put on 1 pound. I can't believe that the slice of carrot cake, 3 servings of brie cheese with 3 slices of bread, dinner at a friends house which included the best chocolate sauce over ice cream and the 4 classes of wine would effect my weight loss. Go figure. I know where I fell down and it really is in keeping track of your points. The journaling is the key and I know I have not been doing any of it. All of us who are in the WW program and think we don't need to journal are the ones who are not losing weight. It has been proven journaling is the one thing which is most effective in losing weight. How else do you really know what you have eaten. You would be surprised on what you eat on a daily basis. I am putting a challenge out there for you all and I would like you to keep track of everything you eat for 3 days. Then come back and let me know know how you did. Can you do that? I think you all would be very surprised what you are eating. You don't have to keep track of points and stay within any points you need to just track your food intake. I will make sure my email address is available on the blog so you can let me know how you did. I am really looking forward to see how everyone did.
I am making promise to myself to be better in keeping the journal. It's not like I have a job that makes me too busy to do any of this. So, my promise is compounded. I promise to walk everyday I don't golf, to write down in my journal everyday what I have eaten and to keep within my points. It is not like I don't have the journals as I purchased WW's 3 month journal booklet. I will also keep you posted on the the points I have eaten for the week. Yes, you may have figured out that I am using you as my overseer to help me stay on track. I would like to have lost 30 pounds by the first of the year. It is my plan to reach my goal weight in a year. I figure it will be the hardest to lose the last bit of weight as I approach the end of the year in my weight lose program.

Well, wish me luck as I think I will need it.

The scale was not having a Life in Celebration.

Monday, June 15, 2009


I know it is the middle of June and the temp. here in Northern Utah should be much higher than it has be for the past few weeks but, enough with the rain already. It seems like we have had weeks of rain and then when we thought the sun would come out we would get more rain. The forecast is rain. Can you believe it? So, I decided to get out of the rain and head south. Here I am in Southern Nevada and it is overcast with some humidity and the temp is around 94 when I got here. I can tell you it does not feel too bad. It is nice to get out of the long pants and leave the umbrella in the car.

Give it a few weeks here and I will be rushing back to Northern Utah to get out of the heat. There is just no pleasing me.

No rain for a few days is Life in Celebration.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Last Wednesday and Thursday was the Utah State Women's State 4ball Best Ball. We had 108 players and we played at two different courses. The first day we played at Wingpointe and the second day we played Mountain Dell the Lake Course. The photo's are taken at Mountain Dell. The day's started out really nice if not a little cool and as the day progressed and the solar heating heated up the already saturated air we got drenched. You see several golf carts with covers on them. Let me tell you if you are not familiar with playing in the rain then the cart cover is sent from God on a rainy day. A few friends of mine even call it the Pope Mobile cover. The first day Kimmie and me played okay not really well but well enough to keep us close to the top. You never really want to be at the top on the first day because you know the others in your flight are going to play better that second day and if you don't have a really good second day then you are out of the money. It is always better to have room for improvement. All I can say is it was a really good thing Kimmie came to play the second day as we ended up tied for First Gross. Way to go Kimmie you are the woman. We ham and egged very well and came out on top. 
Now we have to get ready for the State Am. in July. Then it is every women for themselves. 
Winning is a reason for Life in Celebration.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


My friend and enemy here is feeling much better. I lost 2 more lbs this week. This makes the total loss of 12.4 lbs in the last six weeks. How fun is that? I don't really feel like I have missed out on anything. I have talked about the nights out with friends and the great food I ate along with those smoores you remember. So, I guess it is watching what I eat the rest of the time along with the walking I have been doing. I have kept my promise to myself that if I was not golf then I would do an hour of walking at a moderate rate. I have been trying to increase the distance I walk within that hour. I want to make a full 3 laps around Liberty Park in less than an hour. Twice around the park is just shy of 3 miles. Right now I am at about 2 and 1/2 times around in an hour. Something to work towards for the summer.

The loss of 12.4 pounds is Life in Celebration.