Saturday, August 8, 2009


Well the old scale had a rough week. It had to put up with a .4 gain. I kind of expected it with the week I had though it is hard when you are really in the mind set of losing weight. I find it really hard when you don't have a lot of control in the meal. You just hope you don't go over your points for the week. I find I really need to walk everyday when I am not playing golf or the weight does not come off.
I find I am have a harder time with this. I am determined to lose the weight and I will but as I start wearing smaller clothes and people are telling that I am looking good it would be sooooo easy to just stop here. But, I have a goal and I need to reach that goal. It may take me awhile as I am my own worst enemy. Last night it was homemade Mexican food and we all know what that means. Fat Fat Fat

I hope my Life in Celebration is a lighter life next week.

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