Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well it is bad news bears I have to say. I gained 1.2 lbs this last week. I have been having a really hard time this last couple of weeks keeping focused on the goal. I have not been journaling as we all know that is the key and I can't seem to get my butt out the door to walk. What to do? What to do? I really want to lose 10 more pounds before we head to Hawaii. Still going to meetings and I am a little renewed in the quest. You remember the challenges this leader likes to have with her classes? Well, we have a new one. This one is setup the same way the other one was, you have to journal everything you eat, you have to eat all of your points and you activity points and the weekly challenges. The new twist is we are divided up into teams and the goal with the team is to have five people from your team to lose 10 pounds. The team that is still standing with five people who have lost the weight wins. Not sure what we win other than we win by losing the 10 pounds. I am in. I also hope this is the kick I need to get back into the groove.
And speaking of journaling I need to go and do that for the day. I don't think I went over but I need to make sure I did not. I might want to have a little treat tonight. Did I tell you I am off soda and treats candy, cookies, cakes and the hardest ice cream sandwiches. I was thinking of having maybe a glass of wine or just a cup of tea. There is a good chance it is going to be the tea.
Well it is good night for me.

Remember to live your Life in Celebration. Wish me luck.

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