Saturday, August 29, 2009



Went to the Farmers Market here in Salt Lake this morning with two very good friends (Mary and Carol) and you would think I would have taken my camera. But, NO! What a great opportunity to get some great shots of people, places and things. On the upside I did have a great time and got a few things that I really like. I found some cards with photo's of doors and windows which I love. I am planning on putting them into frames and hanging them over the buffet in the kitchen in Mesquite. I think they will look fantastic as did the friends. We also found some really great veggies and fruit. We bought us a couple of personal things as well. I found this skirt that is reversible and wait to wear it. The hubby and me have a couple of functions this coming weekend I will wear it one way the first party and the other way the next party. Two for the price of one how great is that. I also found a little dress for my goods friends daughter who is turning 2 this next week.
We rode the Trax train down and ended up having to walk four block to get the venue. It was unexpected but it was a wonderful day. The Trax stopped early because of race they were having downtown. On the return we were tired and ready for a little rest it was good that the train was once again running the full route as we were able to catch it a block and a half away.
Fun was had by one and all. Mary and Carol are the best.

Life in Celebration is time spent with truly good friends.

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