Tuesday, July 14, 2009




Even though Mesquite is located in a state where its main industry is gambling there is no lottery in the state. There is also not a lottery in the State of Utah. If you know anything about Utah then you understand why there isn't a lottery here. I have a personal opinion of this but will not share it. Let's just say that when I go to Mesquite I stop at the Dam Store and buy me lottery tickets. So far, I am still a non-winner. I have as much a chance of winning as anyone so what do I have to lose but $10.00 for ten draws. I sometimes win two or three dollars but never more than $20.00 on a ticket. There is that big chance that I just might win. Now wouldn't that be grand. I don't want to be greedy. A cool 200 mil would be nice and I would be able to help some people that I want to help and give a good size chunk to charity. I would be able to live a comfortable life for sure. It would help getting my husband to retire a little earlier than he planned.

How many of you have spend hours dreaming what you would do if you won the lottery. For me I think my husband and I have spent some very enjoyable hours dreaming what we would do with a windfall by winning the Powerball. Our dream are not just about us there is a good majority of the dream on who we could help. I do have to be honest there are a few things that we would do for ourselves but I would say most of the dreaming is for others. I don't want to give it all away mind you but, I want to make sure our families are taken care of as well as some causes we feel need to continue we.

Well dreaming is dreaming and the Dam Store where I buy my chance at a dream. The store is a bit of history and point of sale for all of us who are denied the opportunity to buy a dream in our home states.

Dreams are what Life in Celebration are about. So, dream. Did I forget to tell you dreams are tax free.

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