Tuesday, July 7, 2009



This is about what went on the whole weekend. Drove down on Thursday afternoon with my friend Beth. The guys decided they needed to get a round of golf in with the office crew so it was decided Beth  and I would go down ahead of time. When I look back on it I am sure it was so that we would get all of the shopping done open up our houses and get everything nice and ready for the men. But, luck would have it the guys got rained out on the golf course and had to leave early. They ended up about 4 hours behind us rather than about 6 hours. They ate on the way down so there was no cooking that night. Yippy!!! Friday, my husband and I got up and went to the Rec. Center and worked out then bobbed around in the pool then played 36 holes of putting on an 18 hole putting green.  That night we had Beth and her husband and Stacy and her husband up for dinner. We did the traditional hamburgers and brats. There was one little switcheroo and that was instead of hamburgers for me I grilled veggies and had a grilled veggie sandwich. It was fantastic and I didn't miss out on the BBQ. Remember, I have to keep within my points this week because of the challenge. So far so good.
On Saturday Beth and her husband and us went and played 18 holes of golf at Falcon Ridge. There was a great offer to play that day and it was 2 rounds of golf with lunch and some golf balls for $70.00. Can't beat that. After golf we all agreed to meet at the pool and that is where the above picture was taken. Then my husband and I went to dinner with some other friends we know in Mesquite which was quite nice. We left before the fireworks started and sat on our patio and watched them with Stacy and her husband. It was a very nice day with all of our friends.
On Sunday we got up and started getting the house cleaned up as we will not be back for about 3 weeks. Went to breakfast with Stacy and her husband. I thought I didn't have a high point breakfast but when I worked out what I had eaten it was 2/3 of all my points for the day. Veggies here I come.
Arrived home safe and sound. It was a busy weekend but a great one.

Remember to live your Life in Celebration.

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