Thursday, July 30, 2009


All you fans it was a good week. I lost 1.2 pounds this week with a total of 18.6. Yahooooo! I feel that if I keep up the trend I will have lost 30 pounds before I go to Hawaii. I would like to down that much so I can have a new swim suit and look at new clothes for the trip. Then on to my goal weight. I can honestly say it has not be easy. There is one thing that keeps me going is going to the meetings with Weight Watchers. The women who runs the meeting I go to is fantastic she is back from having a couple of kids and gaining back all of her weight that she had lost before. So, she is going thru all of the things we are going thru. She has her down weeks and she has some weeks where she doesn't lose anything. She has been leading the meetings for several years and is well know in the WW community where people drive across town to attend her meeting. I feel very lucky that she is less than a mile away from my house. I just stumbled into her meeting and have not left. If you are thinking about joining WW you need to find someone just like her. I have gone to other meetings with other leaders and they are realllllly snoooozeville. I also have to say the people reading my blog also keep me honest in my weight loss. I not only have to go stand on the scale each week that reveals sometimes the bitter true about what you have been doing the last week. With me sharing the information on this blog enables me to be honest with myself also. I can't kid myself about what I have been eating or about not exercising. So, thanks for what ever support you have given me in my journey to a slimmer healthier me.

This is Life in Celebration.

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