Friday, July 24, 2009


It was a big fat zero. Didn't lose or gain any weight this week. It is kind of disappointing that I was a big fat zero but it is better than being a plus number. This last week was a little out of control as I had so many things going on it was hard for me to keep with the program. There was really no excuses for my lack of staying to the plan. It was just easier to eat what was available than packing my meals or waiting till I get home to eat. The days were long and when I did get time to eat I was so hungry that I would eat whatever was there rather than plan my meals. I am hoping this next week will be easier than this last one was. I can say so far it hasn't gone quite as I would like for it to go. We are down south and it is our anniversary this Saturday so, we are not really being very good. We have been trying to stay to the plan and it really is not all that bad but I did have pancakes, eggs, and sausages for dinner this evening. Which is not the best thing to be eating. They were wonderful and I will enjoy them again at a later date. When we go out to dinner tomorrow is when I think I will have the hardest time. I will want to have a variety of things for dinner with a possible dessert. I will try to keep this week within the my points for the day in addition with the extra points that I get for the week. Wish me luck.

My Life in Celebration.

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