Wednesday, July 29, 2009



This is the old highway from Mesquite to St. George. Not much out there and you don't get phone service on your cell phones. Suggestion: Don't break down! It could be a wait for some help to come.

This photo is from not knowing what to talk about today. I really want to keep up the daily entries and I have been kind of busy with stuff that has pushed my blog to the back page. So, I decided to just go through some of my photo's and pick one and tell you about it. This photo is of the road that use to be the old highway people would travel on to get to Las Vegas from St. George before they built the Virgin River Gorge Highway. The gorge is somewhat more scenic as you drive thru a river gorge and shorter for your trip to Las Vegas. But, the back road is still very interesting and more relaxing to take. I really like taking the back road as you don't have to fight for your place on the freeway with other cars and big trucks. I will bring out some other photos of the road in some of the other blogs in days to come. I have found out that there are parts of the old road that is part of the original Old Spanish Trial used to move cattle and supplies from California to New Mexico and back.

Some of you understand the pleasure of taking back roads to your destination. The freeways are a convenience for when you need to get from point A to point B. There are things to look at and some of it is with great interest but the back roads brings to you the history of the area. What it was like when there was no air conditioning in your cars, no cell phones, and you carried water in a tightly woven burlap bag you hung in front of the radiator not only did it keep the water kind of cool but the radiator also. For those who were there and can remember and relate to those times and the old roads in you life take time out of your busy day and enjoy a drive down a back road.

A back road drive is Life in Celebration.

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