Sunday, July 26, 2009


There was so much of this. We ate and ate this weekend. I feel kind of guilty because as you all know I am doing this Weight Watchers thing and I was really off the program this weekend. If you remember I did not lose any weight this last weigh in and there is a good chance I will not lose again this week and may even put some weight on. Which is a drag but it is something I am expecting. So, I won't be too surprise if I do gain a bit and that is the main part just a bit of weight. Monday it is back to walking in the morning and watching what I eat and journal, journal, and more journaling.

I was able to work in a pedicure while the hubby golfed on Saturday. The toes were like talons and really needed a trimming. It is always good to be pampered a bit.

We golfed on Friday with some friends. It was hot hot hot. This picture is of me pre-diet. Looking at this photo it is a good thing that I have started this diet. Little miss shub. I did get an eagle on a par 5 on the Palmer course at the Oasis. I do have to tell you that I was on in two and putted in. To me it was a very short par 5.

There was a lot of time looking out in the scenery surrounding our house. We had a wonderful time and it was great to spend it with the hubby. It gave us some time to catch up and reconnect after some very busy days these past few weeks.

Remember each day is a day with Life in Celebration.

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