Wednesday, June 24, 2009


You can see the line of paint there in the center. 
My husband and I were sitting at the breakfast table and my husband turned to me and asked me what was I going to do with the portion of wall that was not painted. I asked him, 'what wall'? He said ' that part there by the counter'. I looked and sure enough the portion under the counter that wraps around under the bar and connects to the under the counter cupboards was still the color the builder had painted all of the rooms. Dang! Well now it looks like I am back to painting again. I know it is not a big project but for anyone who has done any painting no part of painting is a little job. The good thing is that I made sure I had plenty of paint for touch ups or sections of wall forgotten. I had to ask Stacy what color we had decided to paint that section. It will be the Valley Forge Brown like the rest of the kitchen. It looks like I will be doing a little bit of painting tomorrow. I will take a picture of the kitchen and show you when it is done.

Even when you find you have a job not quite done remember life is still Life in Celebration.

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