Sunday, June 7, 2009






Saturday was a beautiful day with the sun shinning and the birds singing. We woke up with a loud noise out the front of our house that sounded like someone tipped over a big truck and it landed on its side. What did we find but the big dumpster sitting across the street. What a great surprise! We have been hoping that the city would bring them around soon. 
We are are always filling up our trash cans with lawn clippings, garden debris, and the regular household trash. So, with this major change in the yard we have not been able to get rid of much of it because it makes the trash can too heavy and the trash collectors will not take the cans because they are too heavy. They left us a nice little note one week to let us know that when we take some of the trash out of the cans they will come back and pick them up if we give them a call. Needless to say we just took out some of the sod we had loaded them up with and waited until the next week to spread out the weight from week to week.    
We have not really done any clearing of the sod because of the last trash can episode and the decision  was made to wait for the landscapers. So, when the dumpsters showed up it gave us the opportunity to get rid of all the stuff around the house. I made the decision to stay home while the hubby went and played golf with the friends. I wanted to get most of the work done that I needed to do before the landscapers come at the end of the month. I pulled out all of the tulips and daffodils, pulled up all the plants that were not doing well and the ones I wanted to get rid of anyway. The garden is quite bare at this time. I think it would be best to get most of the plants out so I can back fill all of the flower beds with topsoil and start all over again with new plants. I want to be a little smarter with the type of plants I plant. I want to make sure the plants will grow in the areas where I plant them. I have had some plants that needed lots of sun in shady areas and plants that need some shade in the sunniest of places. I also want to plant plants that I don't have to replace too often. I know I want to do some annuals but I do want mostly perennials to make the yard very easy to care for. 

A yard that can take care of it's self is Life in Celebration.

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