Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My friends I am so disappointed with myself. I have put on 1 pound. I can't believe that the slice of carrot cake, 3 servings of brie cheese with 3 slices of bread, dinner at a friends house which included the best chocolate sauce over ice cream and the 4 classes of wine would effect my weight loss. Go figure. I know where I fell down and it really is in keeping track of your points. The journaling is the key and I know I have not been doing any of it. All of us who are in the WW program and think we don't need to journal are the ones who are not losing weight. It has been proven journaling is the one thing which is most effective in losing weight. How else do you really know what you have eaten. You would be surprised on what you eat on a daily basis. I am putting a challenge out there for you all and I would like you to keep track of everything you eat for 3 days. Then come back and let me know know how you did. Can you do that? I think you all would be very surprised what you are eating. You don't have to keep track of points and stay within any points you need to just track your food intake. I will make sure my email address is available on the blog so you can let me know how you did. I am really looking forward to see how everyone did.
I am making promise to myself to be better in keeping the journal. It's not like I have a job that makes me too busy to do any of this. So, my promise is compounded. I promise to walk everyday I don't golf, to write down in my journal everyday what I have eaten and to keep within my points. It is not like I don't have the journals as I purchased WW's 3 month journal booklet. I will also keep you posted on the the points I have eaten for the week. Yes, you may have figured out that I am using you as my overseer to help me stay on track. I would like to have lost 30 pounds by the first of the year. It is my plan to reach my goal weight in a year. I figure it will be the hardest to lose the last bit of weight as I approach the end of the year in my weight lose program.

Well, wish me luck as I think I will need it.

The scale was not having a Life in Celebration.

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