Monday, June 22, 2009


More photo's of the flowering plants here in Mesquite.
I am still down here in Mesquite waiting for the workers to come and do some work on our house. So, far the garage door guy was here and adjusted the door so it will not rub against the wall. Still waiting for the painter, stucco guy, and the drywall guy. They are suppose to show up between 8 a.m. and noon. We all know what that means, they will be showing up at 11:59 just in time. 
I have been walking almost everyday. While the husband was here over the weekend we rode our bikes, went to the pool, sat on the patio drinking our coffee in the morning, and just relaxing. I will have to go and take a photo of the hill we rode our bikes up, talk about steep. We are not the mountain trail, tree stump jumping, grave imbedded knee kind of bikers. We are the kind who like a well paved trail or an uncrowded road. It was a little more than what we are use to. 
Went to one of the casinos on Saturday and my husband put in $5 in this one machine next to where I was sitting and within less than 20 minutes he won $159. YAHOO!!!! Well, the winnings did find their way into my pocketbook. So, I was the real winner! 

Tomorrow is the day of truth. I go and weigh in the morning. Wish me luck.

I hope each and everyday for you is a day of Life in Celebration.

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