Thursday, June 25, 2009


What do you think? I think it finishes that area. I did not realize I had not finished it. I really kind of put it off this week because I just did not want to paint any more. I think I have painted enough to last me a lifetime. The thought of having to paint anymore was just torture to me. I know that was not much to paint and yes it was done fairly quickly but still just did not want to get into it. What really amazes me is that I have walked by that corner at least a thousand times and never noticed that I had not painted it. 

I do go on about not painting again but I still have two bathrooms to paint. Just can't seem to get a color in my mind on what would work. In the quest bathroom I have a striped shower curtain and my husband really likes the green that is one of the strips. He also mentioned he wanted the master to be a green also. The problem is they are really bright greens and could be a little too much it the whole room is painted the color. The guest bathroom is kind of small. (You want to have people come and stay but you don't want them to move in.) The master bath is larger but not by much. With painting the master a bright green then what do I do about the closet which next to the bathroom. You walk thru the bathroom to get to the closet. Do I paint it the color of the bedroom or do I continue the color from the bathroom into the closet? What do you think? Please give me idea's on what would work or not.  Tomorrow I will show you pictures of the shower curtain and the color of the master bedroom. Then you may be able to help me with some ideas.

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