Thursday, April 2, 2009



If you remember I was going to keep you posted on my progress of me getting through the over 800 songs on my iPod. When I told you about the number I was at 40 something. Well if you can see (you have to look real close) I am at 24. So, let me tell you what happened. One of the very first things you need to do for you iPod to make it the wonderful thing that it was designed for is to CHARGE it. For some reason the battery runs low when you use it and use it and use it without giving it a good charge. I also found out that if you do let the battery run out the shuffle with reshuffle and start over from a new shuffle. I of course did not realize the battery was dead until I got to the mall and was starting my walk. It is interesting how much I missed the music while I walked. The beat of the song does keep you moving. I do seem to have some very upbeat music that has a nice beat to which is easy to walk to at a fairly good pace. But, then there are also some songs that could put you to sleep even while you are upright. 
Well when I got home that day I made sure that I had put the iPod on the charge so I could use it the next day. So, now it is the next day and I have the fully charged iPod clipped to my waist and earplugs resting in that what seems a smaller than the plugs opening.  I looked down and saw that the indicator was at one not the 40 something I thought I was at. Okay that would just have to be. At end of that days walk I was at 18, not the highest number but a respectable one. You have to remember it is on the average of 4 minutes per song. I would say I had walked for about an hour give or take. So, I am about two or three days behind on the list of music. Now comes the nest day. As I was walking toward the entrance I was tying to be really cool and just by a touch of a finger I was going to start my first song. I did not realize that I have the iPod upside down and when I push the while it took me back to the menu and once again I am on number one at the first of a NEW shuffle. At this rate it will take me years just to get thru half of the songs. All I have to say is that the iPod is a God send when I don't mess it up but once you have touched the wheel then the Devil comes into play and you are on your own. 

I forgot to tell you. I really have to make sure that I don't sing along with the iPod as I can't sing a note. In fact I have caught myself mouthing the words and I must be doing that more than a whisper because I have notice people turning around and looking at me. Poor things as I have heard myself sing it is not a good thing.  Hopefully tomorrow I will not try to be fancy or clever or any of the others things I think I can do and all will be well and I could be counting down those songs. 

Take care and remember to live you Life in Celebration. 

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