Monday, April 27, 2009


I cannot believe how much laundry two people can have. How does just two people have so many dirty clothes? There are at least six loads of wash here and that does not include the dry cleaning I need to drop off. What is interesting is I don't work outside of the home so you would think I would have less laundry but, NO. I am going to have to keep a closer eye on my husband because he has to be the one who is dirtying all of these clothes. He must be trying on different pants and shirts then dropping them in hamper. I would hate to see what the piles would look like if there were four of us. I could not imagine what it would be like if there were ten members in our family. Those families must be doing laundry everyday. Then just think of all of ironing there is. Does the mother get stuck with all of it or is it divided up? If it is yours you iron it? When I think about the piles they must have I am very happy with my six loads.  Plus I do not iron. I send all of my husband's work clothes to the laundry and dry cleaners. The only thing I iron is some of my stuff that was sent to the cleaners but now that I don't work out of the home any more I did feel that I should be at least doing that. Well sunlight is burning and the laundry is not going to get done by itself. We can only wish. 
Remember to live your Life in Celebration even if the day is spent doing laundry.

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