Monday, March 30, 2009


If you are diabetic you know this machine very well. You are never without. This is you life support. 

This machine is one of the extra ones we have around the house. My husband uses one of these everyday. Without this he would be in be trouble health wise. He is a Type 2 diabetic. Which is the hardest type to be because of the constant concern of what you have eaten and when you need to eat. The problem with type-2 is your pancreas. The pancreas is still working somewhat where with type 1 the pancreas is dead and will not produce insulin. This is the rub. With my husband he never knows when the pancreas with produce insulin. He is on oral medication that was keeping his blood sugar under control. But, now we are finding out that when he takes it his blood sugar goes too low which is as critical as being too high. So, managing his blood sugar has become a battle. Yesterday was just one of those battles. He was feeling like he was going low so to stop that he drank some fruit juice. Which brought him up to over 200 so then he took half a pill. The pill brought him down some but not enough so he took the second have hoping to stabilize but the problem became his pancreas decided to produce some insulin and started to drop too low. His life becomes a roller coaster ride that could end bad. When he starts to drop the trick becomes finding the right food that will bring his sugar back up and stabilize.  Life is not good when this is happening for him or for me. The point of all of this is have you been checked for diabetes? It is a simple test that is done at your doctor's office. It is quick and easy. Please go and be tested and read up on the symptoms. It could make your life much easier.  Do it for yourself if not for your family.

Remember you life is valuable and should be celebrated. 

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  1. We hope things are going better. So far, David has been able to avoid this health issue. We remember the high/lows of his dad's daily life.