Monday, March 9, 2009


You are looking at four individuals who have one very fine thing in common. They are good friends. The picture was taken on July 4Th 2008. This was one of the first times we had gotten together. We had gone to a BBQ and fireworks at the local recreation center it was our first community event and invited us to join them.  At first as with any new relationship there is a discovery period, ask questions feeling each other out and testing boundaries.  We discovered we like Stacy and David and looked forward to getting to know them. 
It is now 8 months after the first outing in July and I feel that we have made friends for the rest of our lives. We look forward to our trips down south so that we can share a cup of coffee or friendly dinner around the table. We are planning meet in San Francisco for fleet week. They are getting ready to head home in the next few days and I know I will miss them both once they are gone. It will not be the same going down south and not have Stacy and David's friendly smile to greet us. I will miss the little chats over the fence, the dinners at our house, the discussions about houses, the little shopping trips, the sharing of what we bought and what our plans are for decorating. 

They are what you would call Snow Birds and the urge to return to their summer home is growing strong. They are planning on returning in the next week and we just wanted to let them know we will miss them and are counting the days when we will have a chance to get together again.

My you live your Life in Celebration

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  1. We have been so blessed with your friendship as well. You hit all the moments that we have shared with such style, it didn't leave me much room to expand. You are a friend for life. Someone I can depend on to just listen and/or laugh with. David enjoys his conversations with Craig and the leftovers you spoil him with. Too bad we don't golf, could you imagine the fun we would have. I would always be willing to learn, but not David. Maybe someday .....

    We are leaving (Thur a.m.) for the cold North country. Our neighbors keep saying "it isn't like Montana or Alaska", so I guess we need to be less wimps and head back to take care of our home.

    We will miss you so so much and take photos of my plants as I will miss them bloom (which breaks my heart....). I would like to spend one year enjoying the bloom season down south.

    Enjoy life, it ones happens once.