Monday, March 2, 2009


This past week I have been in Denver for my husband's father's funeral. I have never seen sorrow as I had with my husband. It was the deep heart retching kind that crumbles you making you smaller than you are. My husband had a special relationship with his dad. 
I know my he will miss him every day. 

I had never been to a military grave yard. I guess what made me stop and think was that for as far as the eye could see there were these white marble headstones. Each and everyone one of them is a resting place for someone who either lost his live at war or gave a portion of his life protecting our way of living. It was very humbling to me to wonder through the site and read the names. Many of them have passed in the last five years. Many of them were the age of my husbands father serving in WWII and Korea. One never thinks about the multitude of men who have served our country with pride and dedication. We hear about the numbers but you never really have a clue of the number until you see something like I saw at Fort Logan in Colorado. This is only one of the many military cemeteries around the country that are filled with men and women how have given a slice of their life to this country. 
Fort Logan has 16 burials a day five days a week all year long. When you do the math it is staggering the number of military how are passing on a daily basis. If there is a military cemetery near you go and wander through the site and read some of the names. It puts a lot of things into perspective. 
This was the final dedication to a fallen soldier it was given with pride and received with pride.

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  1. Dorothy & Craig,

    Please know our thoughts are with you as you heal. Losing a parent is never easy.
    Find strength in each other and the fond memories you have of a great man.

    David & Stacy