Monday, March 16, 2009


The Sisters
Norma and Nicky

My two older sisters came down and spent a few days with me at our vacation home. It was really nice to spend the time with them. Almost two years has past since the last time we had spent more than a few hours together. It was nice talking and reminiscing about our youth and our parents. One of the things I have to say is that the stories didn't really change but the people telling them have. It is a little discerning to see how much time has passed and the effects it has on all of us. When talking I don't see my oldest sister Norma being 70 years old or the second oldest Nicky who is 67 years old or me being 56 years old. In my minds eye I see the sisters much younger than they are. I don't see the gray hair or the wrinkles on either one of us. It is somewhat a shock for me to really accept that they are reaching such an age. It was a little upsetting to see that my oldest sister is not getting around a well as she has in the past. My sister Nicky is worried about her shuffling. I saw some of that while we were out shopping. I also saw that her asthma is still something to be dealt with. The asthma and advancing age is probably the reason of the the shuffle. It really saddens me to think that my sisters are getting on in years and they are starting to slow down. 
All that really mattered was that I had a fantastic visit and they seemed to have a good time also. We played golf, shopped, decorated the kitchen, went out to dinner and spent time together. It was wonderful to reconnect with them.

Time passes very quickly and we all need to not take the people around us for granted. We need to grasp each and every minute and live our Life in Celebration.

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