Monday, March 23, 2009



This is the view of the driving range at Sunbrook Golf Course in St. George. This is how the morning started out yesterday blue skies, sunshine, NO wind and a hope for more of the same. 

Let's start from the beginning. I had entered into the Utah State Winterchamps Tournament in St. George, Utah over the weekend. The first day of the tournament was glorious. The sun was shinning no wind to speak of and I played the best round of golf in over a year. My drives were going around 24o yards, the approach shots were either on the green or close by, my chipping was fantastic, and the putts were dropping like the ball knew where it needed to go. All was good! I came in on the first day leading my flight. What I was happy about was that I played well for the first time for what seemed like a long time. I knew on Saturday afternoon that Sunday would be a new day and a whole new ball game. 
Sunday started out just beautiful. The weather broadcasters were spewing gloom and doom. We all dressed for the rain and cold we were told to come. Waking up you could see the moon and stars (the wake-up call was for 5:15 a.m.). Upon arriving at the golf course there wasn't a cloud in the sky, no wind and no gloom. Many of us felt we had over dressed in long pants, turtlenecks, sweaters and rain gear. The first four holes were a golfers dream sunshine and warming weather. On the fifth hole it was like someone put the whole course in a wind tunnel. The wind started blowing so hard you could hardly stand still over your ball to swing at it. You had to aim 40 to 50 yards into the wind from your target. The wind had up rooted so many tumble weeds you had to play dodge ball with them on the putting green. One member of our foursome was tending the pin and we did not notice this behemoth of a tumble weed come onto the green and in rammed her in the backside. The darn thing was as big as she was. If any of you know anything about tumble weeds you know they are as prickly as a rose or more so. They have thousands of very sharp thorns that break off very easily and stick to what every they catch onto. Well needless to say her butt was full of thorns. The poor things could feel them for the rest of the round. I can honestly say it felt like it was one of the longest rounds of golf I had played. Playing in the wind that gusting up to 5o mph is fatiguing. The round did not go so well for me. I played okay but not like I had played on Saturday. I made some par's and a few boggies but not enough pars to keep me in the lead. I finished tied for third. 
All said and done I don't feel bad about my finish I can honestly say I had a great time, made some fantastic shots and made some new friends. Golf is what you make it as with any sport. You can make it hard harsh or you can make it an enjoyable time to do your best where you savor your victors and greet your losses.  Golf is a pass time and a hobby not your life. 

Remember live you LIFE IN CELEBRATION.

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