Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30, 2009


Well now that I have bored you to tears with my first attempt to get this blog off the ground I guess I should just tell you about what went on today. 


Why is it that you spend 95% of your time waiting for the doctor when you have an appointment with them? Had to go and have an old ankle injury examined. Nothing can be done at this point other than just be careful. So, after an hour and half and three x-rays I am out of there.


Met my friend Janet at Stein Mart and did some shopping. The only time to really hit those discount places is when everything is reduced so low that you buy four item for just over $20.00 and you end up saving over $230.00 from full price. How does that happen? With this type of savings the markups must be 2,000 % or so. For example I bought a Ralph Lauren top for $2.06 what a deal. After shopping for the deals of the century we went to a little restaurant in the shopping center called Slide Rock. The food is great! We had the French Onion Soup with a side of the daily special pasta salad. It generally more than one person should eat but, when push and shove down the throat is enacted then it can be done. Lucky for us we did not use those tactics to finish our lunch. We are trying to be better eaters so we did not clean our plates of every morsel. For reals, it was very filling and we could have shared gaging from what was left on our plates.  I am not saying that we have not done the push and shove act, I am trying to lose a few pounds. It is the season for paying attention to our weight. After a big holiday season I know that I have added a few pounds onto the few pounds that I needed to lose last year.  So, to say I am big boned and a overweight would be a good way to describe me. I could take a major amount of your time with this train of thought but, I think I will save it for another day.

I will end now and look forward to where my thoughts and events proceed tomorrow here on Live in Celebration.


P.S. Remind me sometime to tell you about the Princess complex.

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