Saturday, February 7, 2009


Tomorrow is my husband's birthday. He will be 59. We are going out tonight to celebrate with seven other couples. It should be a blast. We all enjoy each others company and it could be a little loud when we are all there. 
We will also be celebrating two other men in our group. Bill who is only 4 days older than my husband and then Greg who is 5 or so years younger. The women in the group have always gotten together to celebrate our birthdays so a few of us wanted to celebrate the men's also. What it really amounts to is just getting out and getting together over good food and some good wine. 

It is really interesting on how we look at our birthdays. When we were young there were all those landmark dates that either our parents or we looked forward to. Our first birthday, our 5th birthday, when we turn a teenager, when we turn 18, when we turn 21, when we reach that quarter century mark or when we leave our 20's. Can you remember what those birthday's meant to you and how you felt on those days? In our youth the time could not pass fast enough you couldn't wait for your 16th to get your drivers license. The license is a ticket to freedom. The 18th birthday is the beginning of adulthood, you are legally able to vote, buy, and be held accountable. Your 21st birthday allows you to be a consumer of spirits, openly drink in front of your parents.
From you 21st birthday it seems like it is all down hill from there. Who really looks forward turning 30, 40, 50 or even 60 years old. What is really sad the time from 21 to 42 years old seems to pass like greased lightening.  As the years stack on you just get done with one celebration of your birthday and it is already time to stack one more on your pile of years. 
I have some friends that want to stop celebrating or even acknowledge their birthdays. I tell them why would you want to stop having birthdays? Isn't that like being dead? I want to celebrate each and every birthday because I want to be here a long time to help celebrate all of my friends birthdays.
Celebrate each and every birthday as if it was your first and you have your whole life ahead of you. On your birthday you have a fresh start on a whole new year you get to live your life in Celebration.
Happy Birthday honey may you have many more years of good health, good wealth, and good happiness.

Love you.

May you all celebrate your birthday with joy and happiness.


  1. I noticed today when I went to do a post, that you had signed up, somehow, to follow the other blog listed on my profile. That's not my real blog. It's one I set up last summer to test something with a post, hence, the reason there is only one post on it too. LOL
    I'd very much love to have you "follow me" but to do that, you'll have to click on to follow the blog named simply "Down River Drivel" and forget that other one exists. I would eliminate it but just realized tonight, the other blog actually has 9 comments on it too and I like the idea of keeping those comments.

  2. My mother once told me that if I thought that the turning 30 was bad, wait until I had a child turn 30! The one that really brought me up short was 20. I wasn't a teenager any more! I'd be finished with school soon and then I'd have to be responsible! Who wanted that?!

    Since then, the milestones have come from my children. When my oldest turned nine, it me that he had lived with me half the time he was going to live with me. When the youngest turned 13, I suddenly had no more kids -- they were both young men. When he turned 20, I had no more teenagers. How did that happen? I wasn't a teenager all that long ago myself. Was I? None of this was calculated to make me feel any younger...