Friday, February 20, 2009


First day.

Nine months later almost to the day.

WARNING: This is about some soul searching and trying to find out about me. You may not want to read further. I just hope I have opened my eyes to some aspects of my life and how I have been living it.

It is interesting what just 9 months can do. You start clean and fresh as you do when you are born. As you grow you make changes making your life better. Each change is another layer of paint. You add a piece of furniture that comforts you and soothes you. This is the process where you turn a house into a home. You decorate your home with items that make you comfortable and pleases you and you can identify with. 
This vacation home has been so much fun watching it being built, buying the furniture, stocking the kitchen with stuff, buying towels, picking out paint colors, looking at wall decor, and planning when is the best time to be here to work on all it. I have been so busy looking for all of this stuff and wanting to make sure I got the perfect lamp, the most unusual table, and the ideal sofa that I lost track of me. Who I am and what all of this stuff means to me. What is says about me and if I am happy about what it says.  I don't want to have my ego be the definition of me. 
I have been kind of reading this book by Echart Toole; A New Earth - Awakening to Your Life's Purpose. I am not very far into the book but it has been hitting on some issues I know I need to work on. Here is a excerpt from the book which I am trying to incorporate into my life,"One of the most basic levels of identification is with things. My toy later becomes my car, my house, my clothes, and so on. I try to find myself in things but never quite make it and end up losing myself in them". It is not this house or anything I own that makes me who I am. I really think I have much more to offer as a person than how I have decorated my house but the trick is to remember that. I don't want to be identified by my choice of couch or the size of my home. I don't want to think that people only like because of it either. I know I need to look past things and remind myself thing are just what they are and they don't define me as a person. I have to do things that make me happy not do things for the purpose of making other people happy in some obscure hope they will be happy and like me.
This is were I look back on this photos and think about what they mean. Are the photos a chance to share the process or is it the lame hope of you making me a better person because I have what I have. How does one not keep tripping over their ego as they make their way in life. 

Today is a good day to think about what Life in Celebration means to me and I hope to you too.

Thank you for reading.

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