Monday, February 16, 2009




Well, I do have to say the patch is looking better. Now comes the issue of paint. When they tried to paint the first attempt they missed the mark by several shades. I will be able to tell you more in the next few days.


As you all know for some people it has been a three day weekend and a lot of people have been out and about visiting friends and family. Such was the case with us. My niece and her husband came down to go thru the Parade of Homes. They both really enjoy seeing all that is new in the mystical and wondrous over the top in home building and design. After seeing several of the house on tour they  spent the night with at our home. We went out for Mexican, which was good by the way, and sat around and talked until we couldn't keep our eyes open. We haven't really had a chance to spend much time with them in the past. When we do get together for family events they are really events with 30 to 40 people there. With so many people there it is not really a good time for a one on one with any one person or any of the couples. Their visit was good for us, as my husband was able to get to know my niece and her husband and I got to reconnect them. It was nice to be reminded what wonderful people they and how easy they are to be around. 
Val and Teri it was great to have you come and stay with us and we  hope you will plan to do so again soon. 

I also have two new people who are following my blog and I want to welcome them. Their blogs are and the As with all the blogs I follow they all have a little something to add to our lives. With a story to tell about themselves that adds a new dimension to mine. 

Remember live your Life in Celebration.

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