Thursday, February 5, 2009


I just put in about a 14 hour day. Finished painting the great room. I am using Antique Bone on four of the walls with an accent wall of rust. What a change it made in the room it is so vibrant and stunning. I love it. I have a white leather couch and it really stands out against the rust. 
I have been on a mission getting our second home done. I have the master bedroom and a small entry into the master plus the kitchen painted and I will be done for know. Still have the bathrooms to do but at this point they can wait. 

I really have to count myself very lucky to have as good a friend as Stacy is. She have willing given her time to help me paint and there are not a lot of people who would do that. I mean she stayed all day and painted with me. What a wonderful person as I would never have gotten as much done as I have at this moment without her help. THANK YOU STACY.

Always live your Life In Celebration

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